tensorflow port Edit Download weights here google drive and pjreddie weights.

pjreddie author Edit

AlexeyAB Edit Fork of Yolo, download android webcam app. use android phone as network camera input stream.

bounding box Edit!topic/darknet/qrcGefJ6d5g

Jumabek Edit , anchors in region layer(google groups)

darknetfanz Edit

train yolo coco data The first time I made a custom dataset that ran the 'demo' argument I changed yolo.c line 13 "char *voc_names[]=..." to reflect my custom classes. The second time I made a custom dataset, I added an argument to darknet.c "-override_vocnames" that loaded the appropriate "names=" file from the data file. ie -

  • Maybe not the best way to do it. But it was easy to implement.

thtrieu Edit json output can be generated with descriptions of the pixel location of each bounding box and the pixel location. Each prediction is stored in the sample_img/out folder by default. An example json array is shown below.

Sai Edit

Guanghan Edit

I am wondering the answer of original question. Can we get coordinates and count of detected objects, as text output, in darknet?

yes you can, go to in folder src/image.c find draw_detection function, left,right,top,bot is image bounding box, names[class] is object name, you can save bounding box and object in txt and count the object Rolo a fork of Yolo does realtime tracking and identification of the body parts of a human such as face, allowing the Tracked vehicle robot's PepperBall gun accurate engagement.

Yolo python wrapper Edit ,!topic/darknet/f-TICXNR1_E from python wrapper

ivona Edit!topic/darknet/f-TICXNR1_E

Sakmann Edit from Sakmann

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