FANDOM Stabilizes quad in high winds

his video is part of a discussion thread concerning Castle Creations Phoenix 25amp ESC's and their performance with multi-rotor aircraft. The thread is found here: and this video belongs to post # 170 on page 11.

This is a video of a wind test using the Castle Creations, Phoenix 25amp ESC's with their new Multi-Rotor Firmware version 4.01. The aircraft is controlled by the WooKong-M Flight Control System. The Drone spans 20" from motor to motor & weighs in at 6.5 pounds. Watching the trees blowing in the background will give you an idea of the type of winds it is flying in.

As far as the onboard video goes, the camera mount I am using has some slop in the roll axis and because of this tends to introduce some minor jitter in the picture at times. I'm currently working on a solution for this. In addition, as you may know, when using the DJI WooKong-M system for camera stabilization, it does not put out a fast enough signal for the camera mount servos to keep with the movement of the drone, especially in the roll axis. I can only hope that DJI corrects this problem or I will be forced to buy a separate stabilizer board for the camera mount.

There was NO type of stabilization used in the post production of this video, only a few cuts were made to remove portions of the video where the wind stopped blowing for a time.

There is no music soundtrack so that you can hear the motors changing speed to keep the aircraft stable due to the signals sent from the flight controller and the ESC's .

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