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One street shareing one Access point Edit

Connecting 42 houses via DsLam in a 1km street in a TelephoneNetworkRollout works out to +-R1350 per home. This provides each house with a 46meg local loop capacity or 1900megs total per street for eternity. Connecting these 42 houses to a single 5.8ghz AccessPoint is more efficient financially and technically then providing each roof with a R2000 MeshNetworking setup. Each roof should only install MeshNetworking if the whole street becomes a HybridMeshAndTelephone. 42 houses connecting to a single 802.11b AccessPoint are severly restricted in their local loop bandwidth. It is far more efficient to hard wire every home to the next via underground ducting.

Simulating an Omni wiht parabolics Edit

Placing 42 parabolics on each house in a street increases the Wi-fi bandwidth capacity to 440megs compared to 11megs with a single Omni. It decreases the spectrum pollution considerably. To achieve 360degree coverage with Wi-Fi alone place three 120degree sector antennas on a tower. Each on channel 1, 6 and 12. Each of these connects with a SwiTch which in turn interfaces with a RouTer. This setup achieves 33megs on a short distance compared with the 440meg capacity of 42 parabolics on each house-top .

Wireless can't scale on its own Edit

MeshNetworking can't scale beyond a few users and thus is not a viable solution for high bandwidht CCTV. A limited hybrid network combining MeshNetworking and DsLam is possible but should only be used as a temporary measure to facilitate the rollout of the community telephone exchange. The mesh network can get it's ["DHCP"] leases from any ADSL modem connected to a DsLam. The focus should be to extend the DsLam] network and not multiple 2.4ghz spectrum polluting antennas all over the place.

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