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I have 5 remote operations scheduled.. not even sure what they are either since I can list them on wiana <sigh> How can I get a new key? thx Davin

Is there a list of things the unit has to complete in the waina interface? I had a simular issue where the unit key was corrupt.

> Hi > can someone please tell me why my /etc/WLANIP > keeps getting overwritten with a random 10.*.*.* IP address > when the system reboots? > > Where/what is the process that is rewriting this file and should I be > setting this somewhere else? > > I have set /etc/WIANAIP from the IP the box was allocated when I first > registered it. > For various reasons I had to release the node. Now its not getting a 1.* IP > anymore. > Is this related to the wiana node certification process etc? > > From this box I can ping the outside world through my gateway

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