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Commercial Wiamx on 2.4 and 5ghz Edit

  • Purewave networks

Sundance Wimax development platform Edit

See FpGa for the WiMax 2.4 - 2.7Ghz development platform. Wimax on 2.4ghz combined with FreeSpaceOptics will enable a broadband network. Wi-Fi must be replaced with FSO freeing up the 2.4ghz band for WiMax.

WiMax development kits are available from Sundance on between 2.3 - 2.7 see What I don't understand is why is it virtually impossible to get commercial WiMax gear on 2.4ghz? The solution is to create hundreds of femtocells with FSO from, get everybody off Wi-Fi which uses DSSS which pollutes the spectrum and connect these FSO nodes with an OFDM based system such as WiMax. We have vast swaths of spectrum on 2.4 and 5.8 available presently made useless because of the wrong technology.

Dough Steyn wants to give the ANC R1bil to implement a cowboys and Indians solution with choppers and marines. A better idea is to employ MSC adn PHD engineers to develop 802.16 systems using Sundance prototype platform. Create UnlimitedBandwidth by combining Wimax with FreeSpaceOptics. Then implement ImageProcessing, OpenTLD on the thousands of camera streams stopping crime and delivering bandwidth for economic growth in a converged solution.

WiMax like Linux is just software. The hardware platform implements FFT and Viterbi mathematical routines with FpGa and an RfTransceiver stage. The issue is getting an IP core such as available from SeaSolve or prototyping the 802.16e IEEE spec. ourselves using our engineers and releasing the designs on the Internet. Any hardware platform can be used. Note that releasing the design implementation of something that is patented either software or hardware isn't illegal, because the patent is supposed to protect the IP from being commercialized. But because of technology anything can now be manufactured on a small scale or different parts mass produced for final assembly via a FrontingCompany.

Reverse engineer the commercial laser based FreeSpaceOptics systems that can do 2.5Gig over 2km. All the stuff is patented, release the designs on the Internet(which isn't illegal) and we the community will then build our own laser FSO systems, because people with money like Steyn will get sued if they build it and sell it. But Steyn will not get sued if he releases the software and hardware details!

Combine Wimax with FSO Edit

The DSSS Wi-Fi system will thus be replaced with OFDM WiMax which means that only LOS is needed and no more Fresnel zone issues. sells WiMax on 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz but don't brand it as Wimax to avoid trademark infringement. But it uses the IEEE 802.16 spec. These p-t-p links then in turn connects the FreeSpaceOptics networks. This allows a decentralized network with any point on the ronja network able to connect to the Wimax p-t-p links. Thus even if expensive commercial need to be used , by dividing the cost among many users a network is possible.

Presently the 2.4ghz spectrum is to polluted for Wimax, by getting people on to Ronja and off the Wi-fi are selling we will free up the spectrum. To overcome Fresnel zone with DSSS (wi-fi) you need 10m high sights which can only be built at a central location, which Icasa will easily raid the moment you sell internet. The whole idea is to sell internet for a converged solution and not just provide non-profit activities. People want solutions to their problems which means internet, a community network where all you can do is play games means that a grassroots network won't go anywhere. But with OFDM WiMax, LTE etc. any rooftop with LOS can be used thus instead of having only a few high-sites we now have thousands and thus finally we will enable the dream of IcaSa won't be able to raid the few houses with Wimax at the same time. IF they arrive grab the gear jump over the wall and run away, while your wimax node is down the other nodes provides redundancy. Because a court order is only valid for a day, Icasa can't pitch up a tent infront of your house waiting for you to put that wimax gear back etc.. But with tall highsites it isn't so easy to protect.

Sundance Wimax development platform Edit

  • Sundance WIMAX Wimax prototyping platform
  • Sundance SMT903 RF interface using Max2387 Rf Transceiver 2.3 - 2.7Ghz, thus 400Mhz of spectrum . The Cellphone companies have bribed the world telecoms regulators to not allow Wimax on 2.4Ghz . But it can easily be manufactured using existing mass produced chipsets such as Max2387 and FpGa.

The WiMAX Kit comprises a dual C6455-based DSP module (SMT362) and a dual WiMax RF module (SMT903) coupled with an FPGA base module (SMT351T-SX50T). The modules are plugged onto a Stand-Alone Carrier (SMT148-FX-ATX) with USB and Ethernet connectors to the outside world. SeaSolve wimax IP cores are implemented on the Sundance platform.

Beceem,, and PicoChip integrates the entire Sundance platform on a single chip but they will not provide the chipset to companies that implement Wimax on 2.4ghz only to large corporations such as Sequans partner who will not produce a 2.4ghz product since there is no demand for it as the Telecoms regulators won't ever allow Wimax on 2.4ghz. Therefore in South-Africa a larger PCB will be the result using FpGa.

Only South-Africa and Somalia is 2.4ghz a license free band in the true sense of free: the South-African will not prosecute anybody for using 2.4ghz in any way using any equipment they see fit. Even if you fit a 1000Watt amplifier and obliterates all 2.4ghz communications in your street, nothing will happen on the criminal side. Because any conviction will be used by the Vodacom/Icasa alliance as a ruse to shut down all wireless communications outside of their ambit. and the Naspers problem don't want you to understand this.

Ubiquity wimax 100Mbit Edit

Wimax but one digital radio tech Edit

Wimax is but one form of digital radio broadcasting technology. We must hack our own 3G, CDMA and LTE designs on any frequency by employing our own engineers. See WimaxLinks for the technical details on Wimax. ThreeGwireless

[QUOTE=rpm;3044438][URL=""]160 Mbps realistic on LTE[/URL] LTE promises very high speeds with some experts predicting that WiMax will be no match[/QUOTE]

Wimax and LTE at a certain level is a semantic game with words. These digital radio tech all uses FFT, Reed-Solomon, Viterbi etc. LTE is a complex protocol stack to which nobody has any access unless you pay millions of dollars. Wimax championed by Intel uses the IP stack. LTE handles multipath issues better than Wimax , it would be trivial to merge LTE and Wimax but takes years via official committees such as IEEE. In the meantime South Africa can't get unlimited bandwidth because of red tape which has nothing to do with how the building blocks of Viterbi , Turbo encoding and FFT are effortlessly merged and changed on a FPGA chip. With a few airships above Gauteng we can have unlimited Wimax/LTE/Flash digital OFDM based comms. The airships function as huge highsites at 40km above commercial airspace. They connect to a Wimax or LTE upload node. The surrounding houses connects to this upload node via FreeSpaceOptics, Wi-Fi , Wimax or whatever is appropriate.

Exalt Edit

Even though the technology that I referred to is currently implemented on microwave system (Exalt Communications), but I believe the technology should be portable to WiMax, if that is not already done. Their system allows 1 MHz tuning resolution to pinpoint the center frequency, selectable occupied bandwidths & modulation.

Reducing spectrum pollution and eliminating fiber Edit

Divide the entire spectrum from 450mhz to 3.5ghz into 800 channels separated by 3.5mhz.

* 5800 - 450 = 5350mhz bandwidth
* 5350/3.5mhz = 1528 channels 

A cluster of homes should only be allowed a wimax channel usage if they form a CommunityBlockNetwork via a TelephoneNetworkRollout and FreeSpaceOptics. Each hotspot backhauls it's data via a WimaxUploadLink. This reduces spectrum usage to the point where spectrum availability isn't an issue anymore. The WimaxUploadLink interfaces with the closest fiber node. A single channel of 3.5mzh connects via a parabolic AntEnnabetween the CommunityBlockNetwork and the WimaxUploadLink allowing multiple CommunityBlockNetworks to use a single channel. With this topology we will never run out of spectrum , spectrum scarcity is a scam perpetuated by the NaspersProblem. The topology means that Telkom , Neotel and Vodacom will loose control over the CommunityBlockNetwork. Their main concern isn't reducing spectrum usage it is enslaving the end user with a divide and conquer strategy by trying to prevent us from forming a CommunityBlockNetwork. "Spectrum scarcity" is true if each user were to have it's own Wimax link. A CommunityBlockNetwork is the stepping stone to the illegal deployment of wimax by communities. This usage of the entire spectrum will limit the rollout of expensive fiber and result in the rapid saturation of South Afica with local loop bandwidth enabling the NetworkCentricWarfare measures, economic growth and the deployment of CctvCameras and ImageProcessing stopping crime.

Matlab, FPGA design tools for Wimax Edit


DSLAMs will help Wimax deployment Edit

The more houses are connected to a DsLam and FreeSpaceOptics network the less Wimax CPE modems are needed. This will help in reducing spectrum pollution in the illegal wimax frequencies of 2.0 - 3.9ghz that we will be using. You simply can't install an illegal CPE Wimax modem on say 2.0ghz at each home. Icasa will easily raid the property. First build a TelephoneNetworkRollout between 80 homes. Share an illegal Wimax CPE on say 750Mhz between 80 homes and pay somebody to protect the modem 24hours a day and destroy the it if Icasa were to arrive. When Icasa leaves we install another Wimax modem. We can't protect 80 Wimax CPE modems 24hours a day inside a community.

The Wimax chipset can be be programmed to use any frequency from 700mhz to 10ghz. We could have our own Wimax base stations manufactured in China and then workout some sort of scheme where we all cooperate to using any frequency 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 4ghz etc via our FrontingCompany. We need to explore all options and the cooperative deployment of Wimax - illegally - seems to be the solution. The actual hardware is not that expensive, since we won't be paying anybody "licensing fees"e. Combine Wimax with UAVs A UAV can be used as a high-site to repeat radio signals as explained here UnmannedAerialVehicles from can manufactures AP's with minimum order quantity of 100. The Wimax, 3G, LTE or CMDA design shouldn't be that complicated to pirate or whatever needs to be done to get it on say 1.7ghz - an unallocated frequency.

The combination of DsLam, WiMax and MeshNetworking that will undermine Vodacom. Because Wimax doesn't need LOS on short distances and the base stations and CPE modems can be hidden and easily removed before the Icasa goon squad arrives since any house on the DSLAM network can be used for the CPE Wimax modem and base station. Using the repeater functionality of Wimax one can create a telephone network over a 50x50km area and even larger. Each DSLAM-community in turn redistributes the signal via Wi-Fi creating a de-facto TNO. But the DSLAM fixed wired network is the enabling step that makes such a TNO possible.

Link your JHB and Pretoria offices Edit

The MeshNetworking link interfaces with the Wimax base station on the legal frequency of 2.4 or 5.8ghz. The fronting company in turn links Pretoria and Jhb on lets say the illegal 2.0ghz frequency via Wimax from where it in turn links via mesh to your Pretoria office. Supply meets demand. All you need is somebody you can pay to house the base station on his property and if Icasa confronts him than that is his problem. Icasa needs the actual device as evidence for a prosecution.

This problem is to remove the Wimax equipment before Icasa gains physical access to the premise:

  • Use a weather balloon. On detecting a perimeter breach at the hosting site a gas canister is triggered inflating the balloon and flying away into the air with the base station. The base station is retrieved via its GPS and RadioModems signal. This is why MeshNetworking is so important since it uses the AODV(Ad-hoc open distance vector) routing protocol to transmit over extended distances where normal Wi-Fi can't reach, allowing the base station to be hosted away from built-up areas.
  • Use a UAV or some RC controlled airplane to fly away with the base station .
  • Guard the Wimax device 24hours a day and either destroy it if Icasa arrives or remove it.

Icasa can only get a court order for one physical premise. As Hermann from Icasa Bloemfontein explained to me this is in terms of our constitution. So if the RC chopper airlifts the Wimax base station to the adjacent building Icasa would have to get a court order for that building before entering.

Lets take another look at [UnmannedAerialVehicles]]. Why won't the great defender of Afrikaner belange - NaspersProblem - never ever mention the obvious solution that UAVs - a couple of thousand of them will stop the crime? Because once you start broadcasting real-time footage of a UAV tracking a COIN van carrying R10million then how do you prevent somebody from starting their own television service using UAVs as an aerial relay platform?

Wimax post Edit

All sorts of scheming, wheeling and dealing will have to be devised to achieve UnlimitedBandwidth. This section will discuss a few ways of innovating to get bandwidth and making South-Africa crime free. We can get away with these schemes due to our constitutional protections.

FNB, PSG and all the others with direct and indirect stakes in their money making scams MTN and Vodacom are confusing the issues. FNB especially had a fall-out with the Mbeki administration over crime, they simply don't understand the reason why we have crime: No UnlimitedBandwidth bandwidth.

To solve the crime problem you need UnlimitedBandwidth WiMax bandwidth for a last mile solution and 50km solution covering the entire Gauteng. But this means that everybody will become their own broadcasting station which is what Vodacom, MTN, Naspers don't want.

The only solution to this problem is to deploy hacked illegal Wimax from 300Mhz to 2.0ghz, but to do this you can't give everybody a CPE modem - Icasa will easily crack down on us. You need the DsLam,FreeSpaceOptics to connect blocks of say 80houses so that we can easily protect the Wimax transmitter say just run away with it and put it back when Icasa leaves. The 80houses in turn share their bandwidth via mesh networking. So for example the 40000 houses in PTA will be divided into 400 DSLAM/WIMAX - NetworkCentricWarfare blocks who in turn will share data via MeshNetworking to the surrounding houses.

Surround this block of 80 houses with cameras to intercept a Vodacom/Icasa seek and destroy mission. It will buy enough time to remove the wimax transmitters. Use removable towers to place the Wimax basestation at another one of these 80 homes. South-Africa's constitution doesn't allow baas Vodacom to launch a Swat type military raid on all 80 of these houses at the same time. This is the main impediment to Vodacom's confiscation powers explained to me over the phone by manager Hermann from Icasa Bloemfontein devision. , Vodacom will have to get a court order for each successive day in sequence as the tower is moved from house to house , making a mockery of our banana legal system, depending on how you look at it. The length of the tower depends on the frequency being used, a 700Mhz WiMax base station would be much shorter than an illegal 1Ghz base station. 1Ghz is used for missiles in the northern hemisphere. Use a winch and pully system to rapidly pull down the base station when the Vodacom A-team arrives, then place the gear at another random house when they leave for which Vodacom would have to get another court order. We could even make fun of Vodacom by having pom-pom girls and a band welcome them as they arrive with their court order each week and upload the whole farce to Youtube. It would be interesting to see how the courts react to the gaming of the SA constitution. Vodacom, Icasa must obtain the physical device to have a case, even though everybody would know that from a specific house Wimax was used on 650Mhz , it would not constitute actual proof.

There was a case recently where a person blasted the license free 477Mhz spectrum resulting in garage doors opening by themselves etc. with a high powered amplifier. The person could not be criminally prosecuted because it was a license free spectrum.

mybroadband post Edit


"...A new telecommunications infrastructure company, backed by former public enterprises director-general Eugene Mokeyane, Dimension Data co founder Richard Came, and investment holding company VenFin, plans to invest billions in the next few years, running fibre-optic cables across SA's cities and towns in direct competition with Telkom...."

"...The company enjoys the backing of Absa Capital and another, as yet unidentified, bank. The two institutions have supplied initial debt financing of more than R500m, though that is expected to rise sharply. "We'll be in the billions soon," says Came...."

And I guess Absa can't undermine their clients by financing the hacking of WiMax and releasing the FPGA designs on the internet so that anybody can build their own license free patent violated Wimax transmitter. Thus COIN cash in transit vehicles can't be followed in real-time by a UAV streaming the video image back and the crime problem won't be solved.

links Edit

* WiMax (802.16d) 
*  wimax training kit
* See TempFolder for Wimax write up.

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