mesh nodes do several simultaneous jobs Edit

* They provide their own internet backhaul.
* They connect clients wirelessly just like any AP does
* They can also act as broadband firewalls for wired LANs..

If you had several mesh network in the same area then your clients could be added to the same WiaNa realm and thus be able to connect to the different mesh clouds, otherwise the typical config is one mesh with the same ESSID and channel for all nodes and clients.

QUES: I've got a problem with a node which has an 18db panel pointing at a town with a couple of 8db omni nodes at the center. The remote 18db panel node won't mesh reliably with the others dispite a reasonable signal level from it in town. It had been running slightly poorly with a 20db back-fire antenna (one day down in every seven-or-so) - and since I wasn't sure about that antenna I replaced it for the 18db panel as it was more of a known entity and the signal did improve by about 10%. But then the meshing got very much worse. It will now mesh & report itself into WiaNa once in every 48+ hours. When I run DmeSg on the ones in town I get (a lot of) this: PACKET_OUT: Couldn't find a route to:, sending out a RREQ! = remote 18db panel node I can't get to the remote one easily, it's way up on a hill side, and the antenna is even trickier being on a dodgy slate roof so I'd really like a few ideas of what to try once I'm there. All node are running LocustWorld Mesh: v10 b25.1256 Linux 2.4.20. I haven't dared do an update yet as I have users on pretty much 24hrs a day! Also a simple aside question while I'm here... do all nodes need to run on the same channel and if so what about the clients - can they run on different channels aswell/ instead?

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