waypoint over serial

"I was wanting to experiment with waypoint injection over UART and was wondering if anyone has advice or pointers to help me on my way?"

Yes, that is an area of some interest to various developers.

* Ben Levitt has already provided some support for LOGO instruction injection into MatrixPilot. The main purpose of that facility is to allow injection of a call to a subroutine or an exec (no return) to a subroutine. In this way you can arbitarily call any number of different flight plans. * Matt Coleman has also been considering architectures for changing between a variety of flight plans during flight. But I think for now, has settled on simply providing support for effectively a 6 position switch (made up from two switches on his transmitter).

My original hope with MAVLink GCS systems (two years ago), was that we would end up being able to eaily use their functionality. That has only been partially true, because the protocol and concepts for higher level navigation are not yet standardized amongst DIY drone community members. Changing parameters in the plane is well standardized. Changing waypoint is not .... partly because we are using a scripting language (Logo) or flight control, which is much more versatile than static waypoints. I see in Tridge (Andrew Tridgell's) latest softwer map for Ardupilot, that they also now want to create a flight control scripting language, and that he is thinking of using cut down python or that. ( Pymite ). MAVLink is the way forward (as opposed to SERIAL_UDB_EXTRA which is now incorporate into MatrixPilot MAVLink anyway).

* Do take a look at the farily newly created Wiki pages for MAVLink here. * Ben's new sofware in the loop simulation could greatly speed up development and testing of this type of feature.

Anyway, pelase do keep us posted with your progress and ideas. I was not sure how far you have progressed on using MAVLink.

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