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Wall security Edit

Any security wall of a complex our house can easily be scaled by a person standing on another's shoulder. Devil forks and electric fencing are circumvented by throwing an old rug over it, before climbing over it.

CctvCameras implementing specific motion detection in a defined zone as done under ZoneMinder will alert an operator without that operator having to watch the wall on a 24hour basis.

Dense infrared leds around wall Edit

  • Stack a line of InfraRedLeds in a vertical line on top of the perimeters of the walls at an outward sloping angle.
  • Stack as many beams as possible to form a shield of beams.
  • Stack another line of beams at a 90degree angle.

Birds breaking the beams will give a lot of false alarms which is why a shield of beams are installed orthogonally or at 90degree angles from each other. An assailant would first have to breach the sloping beams before triggering the vertically stacked beams before an alarm is generated.

  • Insert beams between the angled electric fencing on top of the wall.
  • Form a beamed cage around the wall. Should the beam be broken the CctvCameras sends an image for further inspection.

See FarmSurveillance

  • Place a PTZ camera module in the garden. On any interruption of a beam the PTZ focuses on the area and sends a real-time image via GpsAndGprs, MeshNetworking, RadioModems or fixed wired network such as a DsLam to the base.

Camera on each wall Edit

The criminals are effortlessly jumping over walls because there are no RS485 beams nor CctvCameras. Place a camera horizontal on each perimeter wall. Each camera will use a combination of ZoneMinder and RS485 InfraRedLeds to send a real-time snapshot to the base. For privacy each camera's field of view is narrowed down to 1m on either side of the wall and all neighbors can view in real-time what is on either side.

Roof security Edit

Stack InfraRedLeds modules around the rain gutters at a slight downward sloping angle. Multiple beams as close as possible must be stacked within a space of 50cm extending outward from the roof perimeter. Criminals continually try to get in through the roof. Place a SerialCameras parallel to the beams at each perimeter junction of the roof. Connect the SerialCameras to the RS485 circuit and relay the image instantly to your base should a beam be broken.

Protect a community Edit

Protect RegionalZones by flying an UnmannedAerialVehicles to a perimeter intrusion zone on any wall on a 24hour basis. Imagine you are in a Battlefield2142 game and think of ways to implement technology to protect yourself and community. As soon as an InfraRedLeds connected to a RS485 circuit is broken a signal is sent to the UAV circling the zone to inspect the perimeter breach.

Vibration sensor Edit

An attempt to break down a wall will be detected with a vibration sensor from CompHomeAutomation.

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