No idea, why my comment has been deleted a few days ago. Nevertheless, I stated there, that the video features a variety of aircrafts, ranging from Sparkletech's Eagle Hero and/or Technosys Thresher-03 down to the product line of JOUAV (CW-10...CW-30). Not sure what the video really wants to promote here - quite a fair amount of typos in the video don't render it more serious. Let's see if that comment will also be deleted soon.

What the video shows however is a plane that is made by Sparkletech from an original design airframe that is an Albatross / Applied Aeronautics. The twin multi-rotor booms added to give it VTOL capability. So the base airframe is an Albatross with some "Stick-on" parts added. Nice package but very misleading on what is actually being offered.

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