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Single eye pieceEdit

67inch screen Edit

There's also the Wrap 6DoF Tracker/Compass that, when connected to a supporting device, transforms your Wrap eyewear into a virtual reality system that senses 6° of head movement and compass direction.

Tablet PC Edit 7 inch

HTC pocket pc R1300,00

i-vision Edit


wireless pc to tv Edit

multi monitor Edit

80 inch Edit

gyro mouse Edit website for

Special keyboard with centre wheel to type

relaxview Edit

3d - goggles 80inch screen Edit

LAPTOP stands Edit

Light shield Edit

VGA adapter Edit

Headset with one eye open Edit

Watch television while driving Edit

Head Tracker Edit

Video goggles Edit

* Vuzix
*  With gyro head tracking
* (011) 465 0022
*  3D video goggles
* ThermalImagingCameras head visor for $1000
* Immersive gaming experience

video goggles Edit

video goggles Edit

Flight sim Edit

* Voice command games

Radio control models Edit


See ThermalImagingCameras for similar product used by bikers for night driving.

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