See TrenchingEquipment and HorizontalDirectionaldrilling Advantages of Vibratory Plow Causes minimal tearing of the top layer of the ground while plowing. Efficiently pulls cables and pipes through tough soil types. Laying of pipe or cable is done at a constant uniform depth. Requires only one tractor to pull the plow. Easy to plow even in densely covered lands. Very compact and efficient for usage in small areas Applications of Vibratory Plows To place hoses and wires into a turf surface, such as in parks and tennis courts. To place electrical cables and pipes in residential lawns. To lay irrigation pipes in fields. To lay fiber optic cables across the countryside Diagram Link for Vibratory Plows

Vibratory Plow Edit

A vibratory plow vibrates a few thousand times per minute. This allows it to slice through soil like a knife through cake. It allows direct burial cable to be laid but not larger than 32mm. For larger pipes see TrenchingEquipment and HorizontalDirectionaldrilling (HDD) attachment:vibratoryPlow.jpeg

Vibratory plow on attachment:ebayVibrotoryplow.jpg $2300 File:Ebayvibratoryplow.JPG

Walk-behind Trenchers and Vibratory plows Edit

  • Delivering high production in a clean and compact design, the Ditch Witch 100SX vibratory plow installs power, telephone and television cable up to 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter; natural gas, water pipe and underground sprinkler systems to .75 inch (19 mm) in diameter.


Further applications Edit

Plow around the perimeter of your house. Lay 20mm LDPE and install TwistedPair, Rg-58, Alarm cable and CAT-5 Ethernet cable. At various points on the LDPE install drillboxes and connect these four different types of cable to the drillbox. At these points any Ethernet device, PIR or analog camara can be installed. Ideally the communications cable should be layed before the house is even built. South Africans need to completely change their mindset in how they approach the Telkom and crime problem.

Links Edit

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