RE: [MeshAPuser] USB Client adapters

We're using the PheeNet WL-603 from Solwise ( and are very pleased with them. Much better range than the 503.

what are some of the model numbers everyone is using for usb adapters and can any be used on the nodes themselfs?

Wes Allison

Kyle Batts wrote: > "So you are saying that if I save a few bucks on the Via board then the > quality of the board will go down? Is this what they are teaching in > Texas?  :)" > Maybe cheaper is not always better then? ;)

USB cards can be great fun and have some amazing power. Most of my clients run them because there are easy to install. In fact that some use it to replace the built in wi-fi card in a laptop etc. I do get a lot of complaints about the USB cards because of constant non connections. I also notice that if USB card is running continuously for weeks that it needs to be unplug and reinstalled.

Radio cards in general especially the cheap ones that are also cheap in quality tend to be useless as well.

> What experiences have people on this list had with a USB > wireless adapter for the client. I believe these adapters are > only low powered and was wondering what the performance is? > > > > Steve > >

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