Swarming UAV attack Edit

Attach 100 UAV's, each with a stick of dynamite to weather balloons. They are released at 20km gliding to the US ground base for an attack in Afghanistan . It is just a matter of time before this happens. The USAF are complicit in the killing of their own people, trying to protect their own turf, from being relegated to irrelevance, they are trying to prevent mass adoption of robots and UAVs. Afghanistan can easily be secured with thousands of swarming UAVs using cheap open source code Uav robotics from ground based control stations and MannedSystems. Instead the Airforce controls a few drones over bandwidth starved satellite links. Satellite won't allow thousands of realtime Mpeg4Compression streams. Install thousands of WiMax towers , providing the entire country with 4G bandwidth over which the same ground troops will pilot drones in a preventative manner, sipping tea in air-conditioned trailers, instead of running around like off-head chickens and gun toting ninjas.

Uavs represents a paradigm shift in how common forms of residential crime, terrorism and warfare will be prevented. Gunpowder put all the swordsmiths out of a job, likewise the USAF have been made redundant: Anybody can pilot a drone with a touch screen EmbeddedPc. MannedSystems can easily be implemented by X-box video gamers. RC Radio control simulators will turn any pc literate gamer into a MannedSystemspilot. UAVs would even eventually make marine ground forces redundant.

What is known as the [[1]], 'industrial-military' complex is preventing this, via fraud , corruption and kickbacks. Raven drones are sold at $40000 , the same thing can be built for $1000 using the open source method. Fraud, theft and corruption must not be confused with capitalism. Imagine if you go and buy a car and instead of the dealer quoting you a price he logs into your bank account to see how much money you have to spend. The pentagon has a $1trillion budget. Between all the arms manufacturers they now in advance how much to charge for the same FFT algorithm every year. Another problem inflating the price of a 4kg balsa and glue contraption from $1000 to $40000 are HackPatents. Development costs isn't the primary problem but the 8000 Reed-Solomon error correction software algorithm patent holders who all want to license their tweeks for a $1mil. CNN and the mass media mind control mechanisms don't want the tax paying public to understand this because they will also deduce that copyright by logic must be disbanded.

A few hundred UavAirframes#3m_Aerosonde_type_frame fitted with cheap $350 IMU from RateGyro#China_solutions and uncooled ThermalImagingCameras streaming images over a 400Mhz WiMax link, patrolling the major Afghanistan routes will prevent IED attacks. It is outrageous that the is preventing this. have patented a type of ground based robot traction system, allowing them to charge whatever they want for something that can be built for a few hundred dollars. It is the copyright , patent regime that is distorting the free market.

Somali anti-pirate measure Edit

Counter attack somali pirates using drones filled with fertiliser explosive. Load the ship with the individual chemicals needed to make a fertilizer bomb, making it on the ship itself when well away from land. Any left over bombs are discarded at see when close enough to harbor.