FANDOM The Skunk Riot Control Copter has full onboard recording, live video transmission over 5km, paintball markers, night vision, “pulsating blinding lasers” and strobe lights, and fires 80 pepper-spray bullets per second to stop a crowd in its tracks.

Hennie Kieser- of Desert Wolf, based in Pretoria - was so horrified by the August 2012 Marikana massacre that he decided to build something which would make crowd control safer for security personnel and protesters. “We knew that our focus should be on using our technology and design capability to assist in making sure that such a disaster never happens again.” Kieser had been doing surveillance for the police at the Lonmin mine at Marikana, flying a Desert Wolf Bateleur fixed-wing unmanned drone aircraft. It’s that day that led to the Skunk. Kieser had received an urgent call asking him to bring a Bateleur to Marikana. “It was a very tense day for all. The police and security personnel were discussing how their colleagues were brutally murdered during the previous days in broad daylight, and how the crowd was getting more violent and uncontrollable,” said Kieser. His team flew the Bateleur, capturing video footage. After he had left, the shooting happened. “We then left the mine and were a few kilometres away when we heard the terrible news over the radio. It was a shock and very horrible,” he said. “On my way back to my factory, I told my wife Henriette that there must be a better and safer way to manage such a situation. We then started the idea of developing the Skunk. Now, nearly two years later, the Skunk is ready for production, and the industry has seen the massive benefits.

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