VTOL Edit VTOL from South Africa , Knysna. powerful electric VTOL system allows the Transition to take-off and land in confined spaces and once at altitude, a 20cc four stroke petrol motor keeps the system airborne for up to 6 hours with support for a wide range of payloads and sensors that can quickly be swapped out and setup. Fully featured autonomous PX4 based open and proprietary software and hardware avionics system with easy to use ground control systems to suite.

For night time operation use the X8 flying wing and with custom modified ESC speed control at 20khz(above human hearing), instead of 4khz. Every hour the X8 lands and has its battery swapped out with DIY CncControllers that moves in the x,y,z axis.

Inverted V-tail Edit

Inverted v-tail  UAV airframes, flat bottom, boxed design, t-tail

Icarus Edit , ,

3DUAV Edit

Luftfotos Edit Camera dome fused with nose

Volantexrc Edit

Talon, techpod Edit

Camera in dome

X-10 Edit

twin boom Edit

HOOKS from diydrones  Hugin FPV

Fly chopper at night Edit

Strobe light illuminates blades for visual control of helicopter at night

Trimble wing Edit

Batter size calculator Edit

Sky walker Edit

Pteryx Edit

Raven rq-11 clones Edit

Carlton university Edit  Note the frames in video

FPV Edit




Quad frames Edit

moved to Quad frames

File sometime Edit  Large flying wing 3m length

Nasa Ares Edit

Aeromao frame Edit





Uses pilon racer frame, attached to a pod. Smaller pod will result in higher speed but less endurance.

Ideas Edit

Build a d5f pylon racer but make the body larger and attache  small dome camera to underside, that can retract back into the fuselage when landing. Electric pylon RC racer that flies at over 200km/h. Or place the electric motor on top the fuselage,wing structure and form a round dome in the nose of the plane, merged with the fuselage and the camera inside at the front.

Aerosonde, best anti-vibration plane Edit

moved to Inverted v-tail Edit

moved to Inverted v-tail

Best in production Airframe Edit Delta wing 120cm

Maya airframe Edit

Draganfly Tango Surveillance Edit

Although the DF Tango has exceptional roll and yaw stability in winds and turbulence, it has also been equipped with a flight leveling system similar to the thermal intelligence used on the Draganflyer V Ti. This feature consist of four thermal sensors and some intricate circuitry that can tell the difference between the ground and the sky

FPV video camera to use Edit CCD day/night cam
It is fitted with a 1/3inch CCD sensor, Sony also has 1/2inch CCD.

Quadshot Edit

Blackbird UAV Edit



Quad airframes Edit

fiber frame from Daedelus - Aeroquad

China produced airframes Edit

Army plane with cam in nose Edit

RC simulator Edit

Hobbyking FPV frame Edit

Baiojet Edit

Uses ramp to launch with pully system, lands on the grass. Can be jet-engine or ducted electric fan powered. Or hoist into the air at 1km using an weather balloon.
This video shows a jet-engine fitted to the carbon body, originally designed for ducted fan only.


Borjet airframe Edit

Flyingwings Edit

fpv-community Edit video goggles for RC fpv

delta wings Edit

FY Tech airframe Edit

Micro gray ghost Edit Pusher prop system'

Balloons to gain lift of UAV Edit

Maya airframe Edit

Rcgroups Edit Delta wing airframe for air photography

other Edit Inverted v-tail type aerososde model with landing gear Links to links

Seeop Edit windtunnel

What planes to use - Airframes Edit ScanEagle ,3m wingspan , 22h endurance


Sullivan UAV alternators Edit Alternator for RC planes

Rcgroups flying wing Edit Jaron's blog

Balancing blades to prevent vibration Edit

What planes to use - Airframes Edit

Aerovironment Edit[]=0&doc_type[]=1&sort=0

Barnard Edit   mounts engine on each wing to keep fuselage open for payload. Prion III kurt

Laser range finder Edit

Airship Edit

optical isolation Edit

  other Edit

camera eye Edit eye plane kits with camera pod URSUS foam FPV type plane Edit Antenna tracking

Tilt rotor Edit

UAV engine technology Edit  Fuel injection , Gimbal for UAV

Links to images of UAV Edit

Picture of drone to copy

Google images of drones,itp:photo&source=lnt&sa=X&ei=FVd3TI_gLYmB4Qa_kPTgBQ&ved=0CA0QpwU

Flat body with camera under, stable v-tail type design

Links Edit Domed nose camera for 180 degree movement. RVJET rc calculations, battery, motors, props etc.

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