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traffic\client shaping settings request Edit

I *think* the default settings are optimized for a 3Mb/s connection. I would multiply the defaults by 0.66 and run with that first. Don't change anything on the mesh routing or mesh traffic - just the client shaping. I have a bonded T-1 with 3Mb/s up and down and the default settings work quite well.

One thing to note, if your internet connection is asynchronous, set the ethernet traffic speed to the speed of your UPLINK speed (like 256 or 512kbps - whatever it is). That way outbound traffic will get shaped properly - yet inbound traffic will burst to the maximum amount. We have an ADSL backup and when we use it, we set ethernet speeds to 256kbps. You can still burst on the download side to the full bandwidth of that DSL line.

> I've a 2 meg broadband line with 10 wireless test > users as members on it with 3 meshboxes. What is the > best\optimum setting for Traffic shaping an client > shaping to gain the maximum bandwith for all users? > Can anyone give me a list of the best settings for > optimum on members client shapping and the traffic > shaping. Thanks to all.

{{{ Gottcha – I have given them an account. I thought by what you had said is that their account is overridden to unknown class.

That’s exactly what I am saying – unless you give them an account on realm manager, then they will get the bandwidth you have allocated to Owner/Member/Guest Are you saying that if you have wired clients they will all be set to unknown class?


You should also note that you only get “unknown” traffic shaping with this method of access. This was a “gotcha” for us where we were using two MeshAP’s back to back with a crossover cable, one as a point to point link, and the other as a gateway for the Mesh (More efficient and less prone to difficulty than a Dual wireless card box), worked fine, except the traffic shaping was being choked.

Change the “unknown” traffic shaping to the size of your backhaul. Give the Mesh Gateway an account in Wiana with owner class. Don’s solution is possibly the best and simplest method of providing higher security to customers where they demand it, as the traffic is physically secure to the Mesh AP, and then encrypted once within the Mesh.

Turn on wired captive portal in wiana. Ok, so I finally hook up this guy. He doesn't want to use wireless to his PC, but wanted a wired solution. I put the antenna on his TV tower and put a Indoor Unit (MIDU) in his house. I then connected a Cat 5e cable from the MeshAP to his hub and all his PC were getting my router IP address. He turn on his computer and low and behold he connected without authentication.

Gosh darn I have connected a few computer this way and just released that he has by passed the security on LW simply by wiring a connection to his unit. How can I get his to use LW authentication?

>Are you saying that if you have wired clients they will all be set >to unknown class? They will be set to the unknown class unless you run the captive portal on the wired interface.

And don't do that if its the gateway... or it'll stop working ;) > >Joe > > > >Are you saying that if you have wired clients they will all be set > >to unknown class? > > > > They will be set to the unknown class unless you run the captive > portal on the wired interface.

The simplest solution is to use a machine that can boot from CD to flash the HDD's from the machines that can not boot from CD, using the meshflasher CD you can download and create from the downloads section on Locustworlds website. >I'm very interested in your project, however, I have older machines I'd >like to use for Access Points that cannot boot from a cdrom. Is there >any way I would be able to use these machines? > >BTW, I tried the "Smart Boot Manager" project on Slashdot, but the >floppy it created did not identify my cdrom as a possible boot medium. >So that's not an option for me. > >I've installed linux on them in the past using a boot floppy which then >located the cd, so I know it's possible to access the cd.

I did the same when I first started to play with setting up my first meshbox, I flashed an old PC but hadn't yet bought a wireless card. It was a very unhappy chappy, rebooting all the time.

I asked the same question and was told by Jon (the developer of MeshAP) it was because of not having a wireless card.

He was right. Once I saved up and got a card for it it was happy.

I have a new meshap running, but it continually reboots. Some searching led me to a setting on Wianna of "internal watchdog : Set to YES this watchdog will reboot the machine if processes lock-up." So I figured I could probably turn this to off and it will stop rebooting, but I'm curious as to why it's needing to reboot.

As I'm just starting to set things up, I don't yet have a wireless card in the box. (yeah, I know, it's pretty worthless without one, but I'm just getting going)

Could this be why it's rebooting? Or is there probably some other issue, maybe a hardware incompatability?

No idea on this one? I've rebooted 3 times and got different results each time. It'd be useful to know the other APs in the area so I can decide channel changes etc.

When I reboot my main repeater node, I get anywhere between 2 and 7 neighbouring AP's. I'm sure that if I reboot again 5 minutes later I will pick up more or different ones. My question is why the neighbour status doesn't change when the node checks in every half hour. }}}

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