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GPS and tracker dogs Edit

Strap a GpsAndGprs unit to a tracker dog to locate it in real-time as it tracks an assailant through dense bush. Kit the dog handler with a combination of GpsAndGprs, RadioModems unit and ThermalImagingCameras to scout for assailant at night. Strap a camera to his chest or VideoGoggles. To eliminated jerky movements the camera can be stabilized using a RateGyro2 MEMS unit or pyrometer based camera stabilizer.

Instead of a real-time video feed back to the base, strap an embedded Mpeg4Compression and/or EmbeddedPc recording device to the handler for later playback. It is a waste of money to allow a security guard to roam a bush on his own scouting for assailants without anyway of knowing wether he did his work. There must be either a real-time or recorded video feed.

SecurityCompanyScams don't really have any incentive to actually completely stop the crime, that would never be the idea. In contrast the SAPS member in the firing line would cooperate with a scheme where violent gun wielding criminals can be prevented from harming anybody. How do you know that the security guards running around in the bush are actually doing their work?

Analogue TV transmitter on dog Edit

* Strap a CCD camera to an analogue TV modulator with RF transmitter to a dog. 
* Electronics - The Maplin magazine Feb.1996 p.4 CCD Camera TV Modulator
* Dog carries a GpsAndGprs or RadioModems to determine its position in real-time.
* RF transmitter to transmit analogue signal on say 591.5Mhz.
* Demodulator stage tuned to 591.5Mhz to receive the signal. 

The analogue TV signal is transmitted in real-time from the CCD camera strapped to the dog's head. To stabilize the camera as the animal moves a Camera stabilizer or commercial Gyro stabilized platform such as the , RateGyro system is used.

* The dog is let loose during the night or day and trained to patrol a path as the operator watches what it sees. 
* Fit InfraRedLeds to extremely low lux sensitve CctvCameras for night time surveillance. 
* The SerialCameras are CMOS based instead of CCD and can't be used for night time tracking. 

Robot Sniffer Edit olfactory robots

According to a New Scientist article, robots may soon be a match for animals when it comes to following barely detectable scents to their origin. Researchers have developed a simple mathematical method for determining which way to go even when turbulence and eddies in the air render the trail difficult to follow. Robots using the algorithm follow paths similar to those of moths tracking pheromones. More details can be found in a letter titled, "'Infotaxis' as a strategy for searching without gradients", recently published in Nature by Massimo Vergassola, Emmanuel Villermaux, and Boris I. Shraiman. Also available online is an older paper by Shraiman, Olfactory Search at High Reynolds Number (PDF format). Robot cent tracker.

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