latest Edit 300 uk pounds

30hz frame rate Edit

Available for export to ZA VC-50, Compact thermal camera Geolux TVC-50 digital thermal camera is a compact,ultra-lightweight thermal camera that can be easily mounted on any vechile or uav drone.TVC-50 uses a focal plane array (FPA) micro bolometer sensor giving excellent,hi-fidelity thermal images.superb refresh rate of 30 frames per seconds gives smooth and relistic thermal image.

drone thermal Edit

7.5hz version exportable to South Africa Edit

Tau version with 9-100mm lens Edit

vga- to ethernet converter.

Tamarisk Edit

Tamarisk 320 thermal camera $1000 way less than the Flir Tau

"...The fact that there's only 2 or 3 manufacturers in the world that can (may!) produce microbolometer sensors, the fact that 2 of them, including the patent-holder sit in the USA and the fact that thanks to US export-restrictions and the non-interest of manufacturers in consumer-markets there is no mass market. FLIR has been trying to do something about that by coming out with products for enthusiast consumer markets, like sport-boat owners, hunters and by making an aftermarket vehicle camera system for SOMEWHAT reasonable prices, but this also found it's limits in US export restrictions. FLIR cams might be affordable, but the consumer market models usually have 160x100 pixels resolution which makes them more of an expensive show-off toy than something really usable for a wide range of consumers.

Technically, a microbolometer sensor is not at all challenging or even complicated to produce. It's all political. DRS is not going to change anything because they belong to Finnmeccanica - a huge defense industry trust. They don't have any interest in consumer markets - probably wouldn't even know how to approach them. That's clearly shown by their price estimate. @Joshua Ott: Price and volume are surely intrinsically tied but a $5k unit (which already is produced in quantities) is not going to suddenly be only $999 or even less just because 3DR stocks 100 instead of 50. Let's be realistical here :). .."

In South-Africa the patent can easily be hacked as South-AFrica is probably the only country in the world where you cannot go to jail for patent infringement either directly or via indirection. One cannot go to jail for civil debt and if a court order shuts down a FrontingCompany then simply setup another one, paying with bitcoins. Edit! daylight human detection by

Flir Pathfinder Edit

The pathfinder weighs 360grams and is used in vehicles, it is the primary option for Uav robotics.

Thermoteknix Edit

UK based company with no Flir type ITAR export restrictions. Their Thermal cameras can be used on UAVs . MIRICLE 307K Imaging: MIRICLE 307K cameras establish a new level of performance, free of US Government export authorization, for delivery to global markets. MIRICLE cameras are available either as self-contained camera units or as OEM cores for integration into end-user products. With low weight and low power consumption MIRICLE is ideal for applications such as UAV, man-portable surveillance, driver aids and enhanced vision systems for aircraft. There is also a range of PC software options for configuration and control of MIRICLE.

XTi Technology® - Shutterless Option Thermoteknix patent pending XTi Technology® cameras operate without the use of a mechanical shutter or TEC. They have no moving parts, are smaller, lighter, silent and more robust. XTi enabled cameras are never blind and deliver continuous live video without the interruptions inherent with shuttered cameras. XTi technology can be packaged into the conventional KS waterproof or ultra light-weight XTi housings.

Introducing MIRICLE MicroCAM Ultra Low Power Shutterless Infrared Thermal Imaging Thermoteknix' thermal imaging MicroCAM is the best in its class with the smallest size, weight and power consumption, outperforming its nearest rival by more than 400 miliwatts! Unlike competitive products which freeze the image at regular intervals for calibration, MicroCAM is a solid state digital infrared camera with no mechanical shutter to interrupt imaging or cause maintenance or mechanical failure... For ultra low power consumption, size and weight critical applications such as unattended ground sensors, UAV's, sight systems and handheld devices, MIRICLE MicroCAM leads the field...

MicroCAM is ideal for portable and power critical/battery powered applications for more compact and lightweight products. MICROCAM low power thermal imagerUltra Lightweight Compact electronics and detector packaging dramatically reduces MicroCAM’s footprint and weight. At just 26g (excluding lens), MIRICLE MicroCAM is the lightest uncooled thermal imaging core currently available in serial production. Low cost With less component parts and no mechanical shutter assembly the MIRICLE MicroCAM was specifically designed for large scale production. Volume prices for MicroCAM open up new markets for thermal imaging devices. UAV applications thermal data

Sofradir Edit

ULIS’ 17µm LWIR detector chosen by Thermoteknix for portable thermal imaging equipment

Sofradir subsidiary ULIS of Veurey-Voroize, Grenoble, France, which makes uncooled infrared sensors based on amorphous silicon technology for low-cost IR cameras in industrial, professional, and security applications, says that Thermoteknix Systems Ltd of Cambridge, UK has selected its PICO640 17µm longwave infrared (LWIR) detector for performance-driven thermal imaging equipment where size, weight, power consumption and range are critical.

dy inst Edit

BMW 7 series Edit

BMW was the first automaker to have night vision with pedestrian recognition in the 2009 BMW 7 Series, figuring that a large proportion of fatal pedestrian accidents happen at night.

Thermal imaging cameras Edit

URl of this page: Place a thermal imaging camera in the nose of a vehicle and patrol the streets looking for people with concealed weapons. Distance is 500m in the dark. Their 9hz version has been approved for export to South Africa. Motorbike riders fits a or head visor VideoGoggles which costs $1000 to drive in the dark. Use the same head mounted display to look for assailants hiding in the bush or fit it to an UnmannedAerialVehicles

The price is $4000. See for the model used in the HUD display of BMW.

Flir driving camera Edit


Night driving Edit

*  Smallest pathfinder FLIR camera

Lexus thermal imaging Edit

Taiwan uncooled security thermal imaging cams used in CARS like LEXUS

*  SA BMW system
* Thermal camera

SA distributor Edit

Australia OEM integration Edit

Thermal security services Edit SA site that will fly thermally equipped quad at night for a fee to community, SAPS etc.

links Edit

DIY hacks Edit Night vision spy scope. Attaches a 3inch lcd view finder to the screen on the back of a sony digital camera.

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