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I can't thank you enough for saving my life, my daughters life and my maids life. My sister who lives in the UK has been nagging me for a few weeks to set up eblockwatch on my cell phone and due typical human nature I thought I would get to it soon- she is always logging onto your site from the UK and sends me incidents happening in my area. On Friday the 1st of June I set up my Watershed Community Button on my cell just to keep her happy!!

On Tuesday the 5th of June I went to work as usual at 7.30- my daughter stayed home as she was under pressure to finish school work. At about 8.45 the lady I work with noticed I had a tear in my work pants and I decided to shoot home and change clothes. On getting home I rang the door bell as I needed my maid to help me open the driveway gate. I could see her through the window opening the kitchen security gate and I then heard my maid screaming. I then immediately activated my Watershed Community button on my cell, climbed over the wall and ran into the kitchen where a black man was chasing my daughter down the passage ( my maid was running infront of her). I then assured him I was not a threat and to secure the safety of my family I would be co-operative. My maid had my that stage locked herself in a bedroom and quietly phoned her sister across the road to contact the police. He told her to open the door or he would kill me and my daughter which she then immediately did- h! e tied us up and gagged our mouths and then locked my daughter and maid in a room- he asked where my money was and I gave him what I had and he dragged me through the house to show him where there was anything of value.

He then took me to another room and started removing my clothes to which I started begging him not to and he strangled me and told me to shut up or he will kill me and then rape my daughter- he kept his hands on my throat and was about to rape me when my brother ( who had responded to the Watwershed Community button call) appeared at the window and the man then ran away. He did not run into the street but over a neighbours wall- we told the police they need to search the other houses as this could happen to someone else- they said they needed to take a statement. As it turns out ,that is exactly what he did- he waited for a lady to open her door to hang out washing ( 2 houses away from me) tied her up strangled her few times where she actually lost consciencnous and then raped her for hours before leaving her proeperty at around 4 that afternoon.

I am horrified that he police were not prepared a house to house search as this lady could have been spared this horrible ordeal. All my love to my sister for nagging me and all my thanks and gratitude to

We must make a fundamental decision Edit

South-Africans must make a fundamental decision in their lives - to stop making Smuts Ngoyama rich. Telkom is being used as a self-enrichment vehicle by the top echelons of the ANC. What is obvious after reading the above is that the surrounding houses didn't even have each others cell numbers. It is very difficult to break down the social barriers seperating us. What better way to get to know your neighbour by having a mutual project: A community TelephoneNetworkRollout enabling DecentralisedNetworks.

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