tahoe Edit , , Setting up introducer node Build from source Tahoe rapped in i2p pkgsrc, boostrap install ,export

Dependancy tree and install order

apt-cache dependancy search Edit apt-cache search mpfr:

libgmp-dev libmpc-dev libmpc2 libmpfr-dev libmpfr-doc libmpfr4 libmpfr4-dbg libgmpada-dbg libgmpada2 libgmpada3-dev libmpfi-dev libmpfi0 python-pycryptopp python-pycryptopp-dbg python-tlslite

Install the -dev files it's asking for. You'll need to repeat this process for all the dependencies listed in your first post.

Linux wiki Edit

tar Edit

  • tar -zxvf test123.tar.gz (tar.gz file type handled by z )
  • z -- unzip
  • x -- extract the file
  • v -- verbose
  • f -- forcefully done
  • tar jxvf test123.bz2 (bz2 file type handeled by j)

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