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Remote controlled golfcarts and robotics Edit

Fit golfcarts with paintball gun and shoot the window of the getaway vehicle driven by the armed robbers so that they can't see where they drive. It carst will be operated by our FrontingCompany which takes care of all liability. Using the opensource robot controllers under RoboTics we can build multiple remote controlled vehicles controled via MeshNetworking. The robots gets their DhCp lease from the Wi-Fi hotspot as it roams from street to street streaming real-time video to the operator. None of this will be possible without a TelephoneNetworkRollout. By using multiple electric powered golf carts a road can be quickly blocked off to prevent an armed robber from escaping by vehicle.

Fly RC helicopters Edit

Arm an RC helicopter with a paintball gun. The chopper flies rapidly from street to street and fires the window of the getaway vehicle with paint-ball so that the robbers can't get away. The chopper will use a combination of RadioModems, MeshNetworking,ThermalImagingCameras, CctvCameras, RoboTics and DhCp leases to navigate.

Install either a Mpeg-4 or Mpeg-2 decoding board in the UAV, which interfaces with the Wimax CPE. A small patch antenna inside the UAV is directed to the Wimax base station using some PID control loop, similar to what they use in aligning a UAV antenna with a satellite. This will allow a UAV to transmit digital signals over 40km to the base since it has LOS. The UAV gets the GPS signal form the cash-in-transit vehicle and keeps the camera trained on it in real-time. Thousands of UAVs could be deployed like this across South Africa protecting banks, shopping malls, farms and residential areas. If the Los Angeles police department can use UAVs then why can't the SAPS? Israel recently developed an in-air refueling UAV. Another solution is to use the 1.2ghz video frequency as explained under and install hundreds of bases stations across Gauteng with patch antenna's aimed into the sky to get a signal from the UAV analogue video transmitter flying at 250meters.

One could probably use 2.4ghz 1watt transmitters with a range of 10km, but this needs to be discussed with the Wi-fi community since omni analogue 2.4ghz signals trashes 2.4ghz digital signals. Converting 1.2 or 2.4ghz analogue to digital can be done but the digital circuit adds weight. Analogue video transmission is presently the preferred way to provide a real-time video signal but with limited range. Use a 1.2ghz or 2.4ghz patch antenna inside the UAV and keep it aligned with the base patch antenna via a PID control loop. The analogue 1.2ghz signal are converted on the ground by a PC capture card to Mpeg-4 and streamed via Wi-fi, Wimax and ADSL to the control center. Or contract to manufacture an analogue video transmitter on the 1ghz band. used to make video transmitters for the mines on 1ghz without anybody knowing about it. Use to implement Mpeg4Compression video processing.

Entrance and exit of streets Edit

* Place InfraRedLeds at entrance of street.
* Two CctvCameras on either sides of the road trained on each other with [[ZoneMinder] motion detection. 
* Any entrance to the street will trigger an infrared beam and the ZoneMinder box. 

Moving and stationary vehicles Edit

Criminals drive down a street then suddenly stop their car and have 6 crookes jump out. By determining the speed of a vehicle this type of insurgency is detected. We need some foolproof way of measuring the instantanious speed of a vehicle, so as to ignore vehicles driving above a certain speed and thus eliminate 95% of all motion events. Doppler radar, laser detection are measures used to determine vehicle speed. See

Discriminating between a human and vehicle Edit

Electromagnetics wil determine if a vehicle broke the InfraRedLeds beam, but is not feasable due to the distance limitation on detecting metal. The ZoneMinder has a functionality to determine the size of an object on a motion event. See the ZoneMinder wiki.

Seperate the infrared beams by the approximate length of a vehicle. If both beams are broken at the same time it is a car. Place two MeshNetworking parabolics in between these to infrared beam stacks. 2.4ghz can't transmit through metal. If the Wi-fi signal is interrupted and both the beams means it can only be a vehicle entering the street.

Create IR beamed cage around streets Edit

Place InfraRedLeds every 10m on either side of the road. This is a crude way of determining the speed of a vehicle if nobody else triggers a beam. On a IR event a Watec CctvCameras with a zoom lense focuses on the point of interest. It is not realistic to cover a street of length 1km with a single camera on ZoneMinder motion detection alone.

Stack 10 InfraRedLeds adjacent to each street light, boxing in the tar road. Should a person stay withing the bounds of the streetlights no perimeter breach signal will be triggered. His approximate speed and position will be determined by the perpendicular beams crossing the road. This setup allows for less operators to man the cameras and for less CctvCameras to be deployed. The IRmodules are connected to a RS485/["RS485"] circuit. The RS485 TwistedPair are clamped to UseTelkomsPoles or PolyPipeOnPerimeters.

Links Edit

* SecuringPerimeter
* RS485 - ["RS485"]

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