FANDOM 1 kW Stirling engine concept under development by mRT (Regenerative Thermal Machines). Animation created by Duncan James of CADStudios (UK) Ltd. EXCHANGERS Expansion: Spiral tubes of 120 mm nominal gauge length and provisional φid = 3.0 mm substitute conventional, parallel tubes with a view (a) to exploiting internal secondary flows and associated enhancement of mass/heat transfer between boundary layer and free stream (b) achieving enhanced heat transfer between external surfaces and combustion products. Quantitative information on combustion-side NTU and working-gas-side NTU value are unavailable. In compensation, the multiple-spiral feature affords unprecedented flexibility* in varying both NTU values, and offers the possibility of eliminating the NTU mis-match normally tolerated as inevitable.

Schematics and Applications of the ST05G Stirling Engine drafted by

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