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Create a series of fresnel furnaces in a row eaching heating thermal fluid(mineral oil, salts) in a mini-boiler, the output of which is connected to the next boiler of the adjacent fresnel furnace.

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We need to build a large stirling engine putting out 3kv to run and heat our homes.The sun will be used to heat the hot end.This is being done by new age manufacturers in U.S., Sweden, Holland and China, after GESEP transferred U.S. MTI technology to China. At the time MTI, just came out of a large commercialization project with DOE, has the leading state of the art Stirling engine technology--Baxi Stirling engine , (EGOGen); Whispergen (Stirling Engine); Disenco (Stirling); Vaillant (Stirling); Remeha (Stirling); Bosch (Stirling.All Are building large Engines Edit Video of my Stirling Engine running. Built in shop class at Newberg High School - its a double stirling design, one of three built so far. Built entirely from raw materials, with fairly extensive use of a HAAS CNC for machining many components. If anyone is interested, the shop teacher sells plans for his engine designs, check out

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reflex mirror and simple tracking make 20 w pv increase power to 100 w for agro water pump

Concentrating the sun’s rays onto a photovoltaic solar cell just makes good sense. Mirrors are relatively cheap and solar cells are relatively expensive. Solar cells can handle a lot more light than the amount that hits the earth’s surface so… Several start ups are working on novel ways to concentrate solar power onto high efficiency PV cells.

Cool Earth uses an inflated mylar baloon that just happens to make the right shape to focus the sun’s rays onto a small solar cell mounted in the middle of the top clear mylar film. Water cooling is required to keep the solar cell from melting. This technolgy will require maintenance to keep air pressure at just the right amount to maintain the shape, and replacement of the mylar balloons periodically.

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Compound Parabolic Concentrator : DigInfo

Previously, polish processing was the only way possible to manufacture compound parabolic concentrators (CPC). Isuzu Glass has announced that it has successfully produced CPCs using a glass mold process. This new process makes it possible to reduce CPC production costs. Applications cover the full range of LED products (projectors, lighting devices, et cetera) because it is possible to significantly increase light intensity. In addition, CPCs manufactured using this new production method can be used in solar power systems (concentrating photovoltaic systems) since they can transfer sunlight to solar cell elements efficiently.

Focus a fresnel lens on the CPC with the fresnel lens in turn having sunlight focused on it via the SoharaDotOrg or heliostat SolarLinks#OPTIONS idea. The CPC is combined with a collimating lens to channel all this sun energy into a fiber optic strand. Each fresnel lens can have large square meters of SoharaDotOrg combination. Multiple CPC/fiber optic strands are combined into a single heat element to drive large Kwh Stirling engines.

There is a patent on fresnel lens/fiber optic combination and a patent on fresnel/collimating lense/fiber optic strand combination.

Place nine fresnel lenses side by side vertically focused unto a horizontal CPC each in a 360degree circle. Nine SolarLinks#OPTIONS heliostats are spaced in a circle, aiming into each separate fresnel lens. The CPCs focuses at in a circle unto a heat transfer element in the horizontal plane on to another heat element, Stirling engine or boiler.

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Solar steam turbine Edit Complete Hot Water Kit: 44-inch dish kit, heat exchanger, 2 pumps, 2 thermistors, hi limit snap switch, pump controller for brass pump. Can also be used for spa heater. Cat.# DKH244 This Complete Domestic Hot Water Kit does not require an extra water storage tank, but makes hot water in your existing water heater, thus eliminating the need for gas or electric heating or greatly reducing it. Existing gas, electric, or other heating is not disabled, but remains as automatic back up when needed.

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adsf Edit One company working on perfecting a Stirling engine design is the Quiet Revolution Motor Co. (, based in Spring City, Tenn. QRMC originally planned to produce airplane engines for use in general aviation. However, lately the company, which reportedly has one Stirling patent and several more in the works, has focused on distributed power generation as a promising market for Stirling engine technology.

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*  $350 dollar 1kw 
* by 97 patents on Stirling engine -
*  eng forum


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Stirling engine designs Edit 3.7Kwh to power your home design Use the FresnelLens design from to power a smaller Stirling engine. Any size fresnel lens can be made as per FreeSpaceOptics.

books Edit In this best selling book, New Zealander Ted Warbrooke describes how to build a unique form of Stirling Engine which does not have a displacer. The theoretical possibility of such an engine has been long considered, but as far as we are aware, Ted’s is the first design that actually works....

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Has patents on Stirling engines.,507,169.PN.&OS=PN/7,507,169&RS=PN/7,507,169 Edit Univ. project

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GizmagNotes described an inventor using a Stirling engine burning any biomass to charge an electric battery for an electric motor bike. The concept can be scaled up to electric cars. South-Africa has enormous landmass, invasive species like black wattle are converted to charcoal and every 20km besides the road, the driver "fills up" his Stirling engine. This allows a much reduced Lithium battery pack to be used , which will finally bring electric car technology below the cost of the internal combustion engine.

Patents on solar concentrators for Stirling engines, pat.6775982 Edit and pat.6775982 use fiber cable to direct heat energy. This patent overcomes a the problem with parabolic reflectors which is the difficulty in focusing the energy unto a single point and is combined with the ......FRESNEL..... design enter here to generate electricity, pump water, hot water and solar oven applications.

Quartz glass guiding light fiber increases temperature from 600 to 2000c degrees for Stirling engine operation. Overcomes the need to use a large array of parabolic reflectors which can't efficiently focus energy on the engine. Instead it uses a FresnelLens lens to focus the energy into Quartz glass guiding light bundles. A similar concept is used in FSO to create a point LED or laser light source increasing the effective power of light at a single point for focused energy as per patent [url][/url]. Fresnel lenses between size of 1 and 20 square meters are used , with 20m generating 55Kw. The energy from the sun over 1square meter is 1000watts. This energy is focused by the Fresnel lens unto the light guiding fibers which focuses it onto a point for effective utilization to power a Stirling engine, power generator combination. The columnar light guiding fiber receiving portion is formed into a conical shape.' Fiber optic cables can channel enough energy to weld metal. By orienting the fibers temperature ranges between 600 and 2000 are selected for. The higher temperature ranges are used to generate hot water in addition to electricity. If only electricity is need the lower 600 are used.

This Japanese patent solves a problem with Stirling engines in that they need to be kept level and not be tilted at angle to track the sun. Instead the fresnel lens tracks the sun and the flexible fiber cables delivers the heat energy.

The fiber end point is flexible which allows multiple smaller Fresnel lenses(reduces wind loading) to combine and used for generating MoltenSalts thermal energy. The cost of harvesting the 1000Watt energy per square meter from the sun depends on mass production of Glass sheeting material into which Fresnel rings are cut, Quartz fiber optic cable and steel to manufacture our own Stirling engines. Stirling engines have over 3500 patents. Search Japan patent database most of his patents are there: The telecoms, crime problem and energy problem(in countries like SA with sunlight) have thus been solved at the engineering level. What is preventing these ideas from being commercialized is a thicket of patents and cross licensing agreements that makes the end product to expensive. The only solution is to build it ourselves.

Connecting multiple Fresnel lenses Edit A collector assembly (1) for collecting and conveying sunlight has a fixed supporting body (2); a movable supporting body (23) connected to the fixed body (2) so as to rotate about a first (5) and a second (11) hinge axis crosswise to each other; a number of platelike Fresnel lenses (29), each of constant thickness and all lying in one common first plane (P); and, for each lens (29), a respective optical-fiber cable (33), a free face surface (33') of which, through which the sunlight travels in use, lies in a common second plane (P1) facing and apart from the first plane (P). Cites

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* ,  
*  , Mechanical Technology Incorporated
*  Solar heat utilizing stirling engine
* Stirling driven heat pump

Glass methods Edit Might help with making sunlight directing glass.

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*  Uses fiber to focus sun beams. See above
*  Long shortwave seperation
*  Solar collecting device
*  Stiches together multiple fresnel lenses
*  Solar ray collecting device

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A design idea at Gizmag. Heat source turns a stirling engine which in turn charges a battery. Use molten salts as a thermal battery to power a stirling which charges a smaller battery, bringing down the costs considerably. HackPatents from

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Use a parabolic reflection system to power a Stirling engine without steam. Sun catcher Stirling engine design as described in popular mechanics 2008 December. Sun catcher patent Use a 3-D laser scanner to scan every screw, nut, bolt and curve on the Stirling engine into Autocad then publish the design somewhere on the internet.

* 3.7Kwh to power your home design
* New company

Stirling vehicle engine with molten salt Edit note the parabolic design.

OUR company SONCNA-ENERGIJA d.o.o. in SLOVENIA produced Parabolic Aluminium Mirror "PALMIR" base dimensions 2020 x 1165 mm with FOCAL lenght 750 mm. On FOCUS we have high temperature VACUUM ABSORBER made from INOX metal tube, protected with BOROSILICATE GLASS tube. The maximum temperature can be reached up to 400 degre celsius. If you use high temperature synthetic oil you can heat molten salt up to 350 degree celsius.This temperature can be used for running STIRLING MOTOR, for absorbtion cooling or steam production. I think we will must wait some time that somebody will use this kind of heat energy to run cars. The base problem is in STIRLING motor which must reach high efficiency (30%). In USA somebody have a patent. He patented that 1 dm3 special material will be heated to 3000 degre celsius and put in the car,which can transfer this temperature to mechanic work. He said that car can drive with this energy cca 600 mils. I think we will see this prototype after 20 years. by Igor Hrovatic

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The rotary action of the Stirling engine turns an alternator generating electricity. Multiple Stirling engine/AC currents are combined from multiple parabolic reflection systems into an inverter for 380v and 240volts to power farm pumps etc.

Parabolic steam generation - Patent from Orra corp. references Solar powered Stirling engine

Stirling viability Edit Solar Stirling is arguably better than solar turbine. If you hook a Stirling heat engine to a parabolic reflector, and arrange for the Stirling engine to move a magnet through a coil, you get AC. Now, this system is 30% efficient (in heat to energy transfer). But you lose another third due to the sun only shining for eight hours, and another third due to solar tracking. Therefore, the whole system is 1/27 efficient.

Now, the sun falling on the Mojave desert is about 1 KW. If you take the current (wasteful) energy usage in the US, you'll find that it takes a square 170x170 miles filled with these 1/27th efficient solar generators to generate all that power. That's not a lot of land. Sure, it'll destroy an ecosystem, but aren't we already doing that with coal, oil, and nuclear energy generation?

There are a few difficulties I glossed over, like cooling the engines, and transmitting the power, but there are a number of existing, practical technologies for doing that. Even if they decrease the efficiency by one half, that only multiples the length of the side by sqrt(2).

Cost? Only about 7 military yearly budgets. Given that there's no input required, and a Stirling engine only has two moving parts, the cost of running the system should be fairly low, so all of the income could go to amortizing the debt.

Why aren't we doing this now? Partially because the company that owns the patent on the Stirling generator is fairly small, and also because people are unaware that such a solution exists.

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A fellow named Beale invented the free piston Stirling engine. Here is one for sale.

This thermoacoustic engine seems to be a better way to go.

There is a video of a working machine on the main page here.

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