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Home Scale Steam $30.00. A one-hour video with steam basics and how to lay out a complete home steam plant. You must recirculate the water you use for steam or you will waste both water and energy.
Building A Prototype Boiler $30.00. A one-hour video illustrating the basics of building a 2-horsepower, monotube boiler. Parts list included.

Power Plant Prints $20.00. Build a 20 kw to 50 kw induction generator out of a used 3-phase motor, a car engine, and other parts from a junkyard, and a couple of machined adapters. Most of these units can be built for under $500.00.

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The following is an excerpt from a report entitled "The White Cliffs Project - Overview for the period 1979-89" published by the Department of Energy of the government of New South Wales in 1991. Pages 85-90 have been reproduced with the permission of the NSW DOE.

For more information on this report and where to order a copy, click here. The NSW DOE has an on-line order-form and a list of its publications here.

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Construction plans for 5hp Steam engine with Boiler

Reliable offers this engine to amateur constructors for use as an automotive or marine power plant. The design is of closed crankcase type with spool valves. There are no dead centered positions of the crankshaft so starting is always positive in reponse to the throttle. The design uses many commercial parts which are readily available. The casting kit consists of 19 pieces, including cast semi-steel crankshaft, and weighs about 250 lbs. The finished engine is about 240 lbs. Construction requires use of a 16 inch lathe, milling machine, and drill press.

We recommend our 50 - 125 HP Monotube Boiler.

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Small scale steam power

Liney machine Edit This is our "HALO" five cylinder radial. The intent was to make an external combustion (steam/compressed air) design that mimicked the operation of real radial aircraft engines as close as possible. It has cams on the crank which operate the pushrods and in turn the rocker arms and the very unique ball bearing valves. The valves are positive sealing on both the exhaust and intake. The more pressure, the tighter they seal. It has five 3/8th inch pistons linked to the single crank via a master rod and connecting rods just as would be expected in a full size radial. Best of all, the design allows you to see nearly every moving part while the engine is running. Even the cams and pushrod end bearings can be seen. PM Research - Ready to assemble marine steam engine kit.: This unique engine has forward, reverse and speed control capabilities, using a single lever which can be servo operated for radio control. Think of it. Just one servo does all of this! Stop! Go Forward! Go Aft! And control the speed in both directions! This engine features a cast bronze base and frames, plus oilite bronze sleeve bearings on the crank shaft and piston rod. The crank pin bearings are machined from solid bronze which run on a ground pin. It also has a precision ground stainless steel piston rod with "O" ring seals. The light weight aluminum cylinders are hard anodized to give you long wear. Approximate dimensions are 2-1/2" high, 4-1/2" wide and 3-1/8" long parallel to the shaft. The crankshaft is 3/16" diameter precision ground stainless steel. The steam inlet and outlet are both threaded 3/16-40

Stirling engine kits:

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The Uniflow S5000 Power Systems is a small-scale, multi-utility, energy of the enterprise system, capable of providing mechanical energy and electricity, hot water, heating, if required, vapor, all from low-grade fuels. The S5000 is designed to produce about 5kWp electricity, and is shown in a trial run. For more information, visit

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