RMS blog Edit wrote:

Stallman talk, says that BSD was still proprietary around 10min, but GPL is also prop. 11:50 In some cases I convinced people to make their software free so that it could be used in in gnu such as the BSD people

".... I tried to convince people who developed BSD, that was proprietary at the time(1983) ....." (this is not exact quote but paraphrased as I understand RMS, refer to original recording....."

BSD copyright holders licensed their code as dual license by adding GPL but it still was not public domain and thus not free.

11:30 - "..... when torvalds who had a proprietary kernel Linux made it free software ....."

Torvalds as copyright holder licensed it under GPL2 , but still retained the copyright and thus licensed the code in a master/slave relationship, he didn't release it to the public domain where it would truly be free and neither emulated the public domain with Equality source. Thousands of additional developers also acquired copyright by having Torvalds accept their patches. The bulk of them are employed by IBM, REDHAT, Google which is why they can ignore the GPL license and only enforce it against their competitors like Sony.

11:30 RMS " .... this is an operating system that overall doesn't exist for a technical role, doesn't exist for a commercial role but rather, so you can have freedom ...."

The commentator said that "its" goal isn't commercial its goal is freedom. In order to enforce RMS idea of "freedom" he is asking that the world sign over the copyright for everything to him personally, so he can prevent "extreme capitalism" which is actually Corporatism

24:00min "... any program developed by a company is commercial, it might be proprietary or it might be free...."

With the term "free" RMS doesn't mean public domain or Equality source

Confuses corportism with capitalism . Large corporations have taken over Congress and the patent office by changing the rules and forcing the patent reviewers to write 15 page reports explaining why they reject a patent from Apple. By physically wearing them down, they eventually cave in mentally, emotionally to these companies who have unlimited amounts of cash to file patent, after patent. The free market is being subverted with copyright and patent law, it is copyright and patent law which needs to be disbanded. I am not sure but have not read anywhere where RMS or FSF states that copyright law needs to be disbanded. Because if copyright law is revoked then RMS won't be able to dictate the behavior of users of his GCC compiler.

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