South-Korea mandates ducting between houses Edit

Each new building or house built in South-Korea must have a 110mm PVC pipe installed running the length of the property, connecting to the next. The same should be done in South-Africa but on a willing basis so that people can stream their data over your property as described under TelephoneNetworkRollout. This is a far better idea than getting into a verbal fight with the ANC the whole time. Once you have infinite bandwidth around a complex and you provide the surrounding houses with an underground fiber or DsLam connection we will actually, amazingly start solving our crime problem. The ANC can't post a policeman on every street corner but if we create the bandwidth, the government will be able to CctvCameras, ImageProcessing and FacialRecognition every street. Mbeki,Manual and Erwin fully supports us but they have this disaster written into our constitution: Icasa. And Icasa has been hijacked by the get-rich-quick factions of the ANC using Telkom as self-enrichment vehicle. It is upto you personally to establish your lines of communication with your neighbour which will enable the government to solve the crime problem by purchasing software licenses for ImageProcessing software stored at a central location and fed data over an UnlimitedBandwidth network.

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