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Solar tracking Edit Sun angle online calculation A closer view shows that this hydro-thermal / photo-voltaic collector is nothing more than a ten gallon aquarium with a small solar panel submerged in the water in front of the black plate heating element. The solar cell is encapsulated in clear epoxy so it is waterproof. The surrounding water keeps the solar panel from exceeding 160°F. What we don't know is how long the solar panel will hold up under nine times concentrated solar power or '9X CSP'. The solar panel is powering a small gearmotor as a load test to simulate a recirculation pump. carjack for zenith

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Journals Edit Pointing Sensors and Sun Tracking Techniques The Pinhole Sensor works as a pinhole camera without lenses. Figure 4 shows the main elements composing the Pinhole Sensor: pinhole and four-quadrant detector (4-detector). This paper presents the hardware design and implementation of a system that ensures a perpendicular profile of the solar panel with the sun in order to extract maximum energy falling on it. Renewable energy is rapidly gaining importance as an energy resource as fossil fuel prices fluctuate. The unique feature of the proposed system is that instead of taking the earth as its reference, it takes the sun as a guiding source. Its active sensors constantly monitor the sunlight and rotate the panel towards the direction where the intensity of sunlight is maximum. The light dependent resistor’s do the job of sensing the change in the position of the sun which is dealt by the respective change in the solar panel’s position by switching on and off the geared motor. The control circuit does the job of fetching the input from the sensor and gives command to the motor to run in order to tackle the change in the position of the sun. With the implementation of the proposed system the additional energy generated is around 25% to 30% with very less consumption by the system itself. In this paper, an improvement in the hardware design of the existing solar energy collector system has been implemented in order to provide higher efficiency at lower cost. google "naidoo intelligent control solar tracking "

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Dual Axis Light Sensor for Tracking Sun Shibata, Toyokazu

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