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The Organic Rankin engine, which uses a lower state change temperature. People have built these from used auto parts and power them by very cheap solar trough. Why more people don't build this in their backyard I have no idea. Look up a project at MIT to see more

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Try to find a supercharger at a car dump this is a nice turbine wheel on a axis with nice bearings!

panacea Edit;wap2

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This type of thought has enabled many independent replicators to find further applicaitons and imporive their R and D. The RV is the RV, its what you can do with it by your own applicaiton that counts.

And this is thinking in the right directrion, apply it and imporive it will give you the options to do it, main thing also is to support it and sign the petitions on this page please (to support the RV's energy savings)

Guys please report your success and description so we can help and improve. After the New year im testing Norm set up, we have more efficient double coiled RV motos then Norm to try, if you dont have Double coiled mortors, we still can HALF the input down by using a circuit in the compilations on the NPO page


And here

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Clean Energy Systems Edit


Harry Valentine:

Steam boat association Edit

Enginion Edit

Variable Geometry Toroidal Engine (VGT):


Star Rotor Expander:

Centripetal Dynamics:

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