opensource GSM Edit

Build your own GSM Vodacom like base station using free software and opensourced hardware.


Altera FPGA on gnuradio Edit $58

Kestrelsp Edit provides commercial support by the founder of OpenBTS for opensource and commercial projects.

Gnuradio Edit

We can now use entire spectrum from 400mhz - 2.4ghz


Mailing list for Gnu radio Edit

Radio projects Edit 801.11b on any frequency

Open Emerging communications Edit

Terranet Edit

Anders Carlius is the CEO and founder of TerraNet AB in Sweden. TerraNet AB has developed a unique and patented wireless peer-to-peer technology that enables users to speak on their mobile phone handsets without need of mobile phone base stations, antenna installations or infrastructure. Anders has a background from Spray (High speed internet), routing and switching development. He thrives on mixing technology and entrepreneurship. by

other Edit

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