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| Not quite. Sip uses a dyncmic dns server jus to mak the initial contact. | Afterthat it still uses direct connection from clioent to client for the | actual audio data.

Well of course --- the issue I'm identifing is the overhead of an idling skipe node which establishes p2p links with every node it expects to communicate with vs sip making the one to the server

Do these extra connections really count as "Network Unfriendly"? How does it compare with the extra load on a meshbox due to the Asterix module? Well how about Skype being network unfriendly --- It makes direct connection to every peer you add to your phonebook, whereas Sip only connects to a server?

| Personally I'd use skype. I know this sounds trite, but its really simple | for the user, its free and it works (on multiple platforms). It can use | some extra bandwidth if you let it, but I'm happy to pay for my "free" | calls with bandwidth rather than you can tell from my sig


| If there is a reason not to trust/use skype, I'd be genuinely interested to hear it.

qos Edit

No I'm not sure, but I remember reading something like that. If there is no priority or bandwidth allocation given to voice traffic, I wonder how a voip conversation will survive when a few other users on the same node are downloading a CD at the same time and all trafic is FIFO...

> are you sure that the LW mesh code actually provides QoS priority >to VOIP traffic? We've looked closely and, other than disabled hooks to >Frottle, haven't found anything.

>>Having played around with a few VOIP systems, seems the best >>performing one at this time in my setup. Others I tried were Deltathree, >>mywebcalls and Except mywebcalls, which performed worse, >>the others are sip based and performed moderate. Unfortunately every sip >>system I tried was outperformed by Skype. Anybody experienced similar >>results? >> >>One question that remains is: Though we have meshboxes prioritizing VOIP >>traffic, what happens if the router to the SDSL line doens't support >>QoS, like i.e. the SOHO 78 we use in ATM mode. The meshnode that goes to >>the gateway may have priority for VOIP, but the router to the SDSL line >>is stil FIFO. >> >>To be able to deploy VOIP successfully I believe that traffic has to be >>prioritized either by bypassing the fifo queue, or by reserving >>bandwidth for VOIP exclusively. >>

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