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method Edit

Connect SerialCameras to a RS485 device. Mount the serial cams at the four wall perimeters to monitor for intrusion detection. Or for wireless operation a more scaled down diode based FreeSpaceOptics link is used. The Ronja system provides 10meg but the serial camera only needs 115kbits for which a fast switching led should suffice. The Tx led will be pulsed at 115kbit/s and not 10Meg resulting in reduced component count in cost. The Rx side on the Ronja will be used without Ethernet Manchester encoding to minimize the cost of short distance (200m) RS485 optic link from the SerialCameras.

Complete monitoring Edit

IF a crime situation is so out of control then the only solution is for every single house to mount a wall intrusion WallSecurity camera at each perimeter. The criminals operate from safe houses by jumping over the walls. A real-time feed is streamed back to the base using a suitable DsLam, MeshNetworking or FreeSpaceOptics.

The serial stream is interfaced the USB ports of the pc with ZoneMinder if so desired. The serial camera has inbuilt motion detection capability which reduces the need for expensive PC's