Cmucam connect to radio modem Edit

See RateGyro3 Connect a 115kbs serial to a Zigbee RadioModems, GpsAndGprs , FreeSpaceOptics or RS485 unit. The farmworker attaches the cam to his chest and sends back real-time footage via the gsm modem. uses the modules. Their most sensitive lux rating is 0.01lux but they are CMOS not CCD. With a white led system night vision should be possible at 0.01lux. Reverse engineer the circuit using BoMarc and replace the CMOS chip with a CCD chip so that InfraRedLeds can be used.

night vision Edit 0.05 lux for drone usage.

80meg serial cam Edit

Blackfin serial and Wi-fi camera Edit

* uses chip from

PIR on radio Edit

Connect a PIR ConfiguringAlarmSystem to the I/O line of the packet radio to transmit a real-time image to the base when the PIR is triggered.

CMUCAM features Edit

The cmucam is cmos based and won't work at night, for night time surveillance a CCD sensor must be used, but I don't know of any which has a serial interface.

  • For nighttime surveillance a supercircuits camera attaches to an Mpeg4Compression board.
  • The camera and DVR are only activated on a PIR alert to conserve battery power, see RobotPatrolling.

Serial to RS-485 Edit

Attach serial cameras to multiple RS485 ports on a truck to implement VehicleSecurity. Whenever the door opens or InfraRedLeds beam broken a snapshot is sent to the base via GpsAndGprs. The IR beams are placed for example under the truck at the suspension.

Radio modules Edit

3] LPRS Radio Modules control 'Cat Cam' for ITV

LPRS, Europe's leading supplier of short-range radio devices, has provided ITV Technical Services with easy-Radio wireless modules to monitor the movements of cats for a USA based programme maker. The programme was commissioned to study the psychology of cats and was made on location at a farm in Scotland. The filming of wild cats required "cat cam" cameras to be set up and left unattended for many hours.

Serial to ethernet Edit

Connect the cmucam to a SerialToEthernet converter which interfaces with the Lynksys AP

links Edit Interfacing a cheap phone camera module to a PIC32 microcontroller.