store Edit for sale. buy hack Patents and sell in south africa with FrontingCompany. The scheme is that the patent holder won't be able to shutdown a large site, he would only have a claim against the empowerment partner. perhaps the patent owner won't even press the case.

selsam Edit sold by from to hack. U.S. Patents, 6692230, 7008172, 7063501 . Serpentine wind turbine US 6616402 .

Main patent Edit Balanced, high output, rapid rotation wind turbine (Weathervane multi-rotor windmill) Multiple horizontal axis rotors are coaxially attached, at spaced intervals, to an elongate driveshaft, which is aimed at a slightly offset angle from the wind direction, exposing each rotor to fresh wind. That offset angle may be in the vertical plane, horizontal plane, or oblique. The shaft is held by bearings near its midsection, and drives a load, such as an electrical generator. This assembly is allowed to pivot about the vertical axis of a supporting tower, and may be actively or passively aimed, in response to wind direction and velocity. Multiple driveshafts may be mounted on a single pivoting support frame. Multiple small rotors weigh less for the same swept area than an equivalent larger rotor, are easier to manufacture and transport, and rotate faster, transmitting the same power at less torque, more closely matching the required rpm of a generator, reducing or eliminating the need for ratio gearing. ,

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Wind energy

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