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Gun laws makes it impossible to defend yourself Edit

The R300/month "panic button" money paid to security companies should be used to install CctvCameras in the street, resulting in substantial security cost savings. There are a million households spending R300 on a scam. R300/month is R3600/year or R18000 over 5years excluding inflation. Compared to the cost of R1300 for a DsLam telephone exchange and R3000 CctvCameras every 200m shows just how we inefficiently we spend our money. If an armed assailant walks upto a security guard stationed outside and pulls out a gun and the guard shoots him, the guard will be charged with murder. He will have to go and explain to the judge why he shot first.

There was a story recently in the papers that armed assailants simply walked unto his property and ordered the two armed guards to put down their guns. The guards meekly complied. Our gun laws are making it impossible for the police and security guards to defend themselves and thus we must take a whole new approach to the crime situation. They only arrive after 30mins because they are not allowed to shoot an intruder before he shoots first. It is pointless in having armed security guards if they are not allowed to use their weapons. With CctvCameras, TelephoneNetworkRollout and ThermalImagingCameras we will prevent a crime incident from taking place. Our security companies are deeply infiltrated by organised crime gangs.

A R40bil fraud Edit

R40 billion is the cost incurred on security companies per year in South Africa. By using smart technology such as behavioral analytics - ImageProcessing and UnmannedAerialVehicles automated security measures are implemented. But this needs UnlimitedBandwidth something which the Vodacom and NaspersProblem alliance opposes.

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