Solution Edit

Seeming Solution: Share a QuadroCopter copter between multiple homes. Each residence places as many InfraRedLeds connected to a CAN or RS485 alarm system across perimeters.

Long distance InfraRedLeds barriers are aligned parallel with the house perimeter between the tar road and wall junction, as close to the wall as possible. As people walk their normal routes on the road or slightly on the pavement, it won't break the beams. On a beam braking a foam model plane fitted with opensource DIY Sasecurity#Robotics_and_Aerial_drones circling the houses 24hours a day flies to the intrusion point to take a photo or small video clip. Footage is viewed in real-time over the Internet.

The drone operates a small 0.003 Watec CCD camera combined with infra-red laser and dispersion lens. Allows vision over 300m. Drone patrols a route taking pictures every second. Software combines the pictures with no border overlap.

  • Flood a property at night with 880nm IR light, allowing a 0.01 lux or 0.003lux camera fitted to a UAV to view areas as if in daylight.

It convinces intruders that they won't be able to flee from an incident. On any oThe QuadroCopter perches on the roof junction or walls flashing blue leds as a warning to criminals walking in the street. This will be the visual drone in addition to many other unseen drones.

If the barrier InfraRedLeds beams break, the drone flies to the intrusion point relaying a real-time video feed via some appropriate wireless signal to the base. The drone could sound a buzzer above the intruders head to prevent an incident and follow him as he tries to flee.

Some foam based electric ducted fan (EDF) models can fly over 200km/h to chase after intruders fleeing with high speed vehicles. Foam based models must be used in residential areas to minimize the potential for injury on the ground. Surround a home with high powered InfraRedLeds to illuminate the area on detecting an intrusion. The QuadroCopter is fitted with a 0.003lux Watec camera which allows it see in the dark as if it was dayligtht in the presence of IR light, seeing in any intruders while such intruders aren't even aware about it.

Quadcopter visual deterrence - LEDS Edit

  • A visible drone flies in a patrol loop flashing LEDS over the farm, while an additional unseen drone also flies. Hover flashing drone over

important crops etc.

  • In residential area hover a flashing LED drone on top of wall at gate entrance.

Farmhouse Edit

Establish a MeshNetworking, FreeSpaceOptics link to a central base. The security guard will send an open-gate activation signal allowing entrance. But you also need to activate the gates using a Rfremote. Thus both signals are necessary. This is to prevent somebody from gaining entry to your premise if he gets hold of your RfActivation module. Many people have had their Rfkey dipswitch settings copied at the carwash for example.

  • Fence property with thorny bush or electric fence, surrounding perimeter with combination a motion detection cameras, FacialRecognition, OpenTLD and InfraRedLeds.
  • Entrance consists of double gate, separated enough to lock-down a car in between. On top it is secured using razor wire, preventing intrusion by climbing over first gate.
  • QuadroCopter, Uav robotics hovers in front of gate on permanent basis. Under South african law Quad frames below one kilogram are considered park fliers and not UAV(check though with lawyer, legislation could change).
  • Wi-fi link with CctvCameras and speakers in front of gate. An operator will have to open the gate from a remote location and visually confirm and speak to owner before allowing him in. The reason is that assailants could be with owner forcing him to open gates, operator will then inform assailants that security has been dispatched. Speaking over speakers directly to assailants is needed because assailants will refuse to believe than a remote operator is needed to open gates.
  • Advertise the procedure at farm gate as a deterrent', prove to any would be intruders that an intrusion will be detected , they will therefore not attempt to gain access in the first place, knowing that the farmer alone can't give them access even if he had wanted to. When a farm worker enters the farmhouse premises , the guard will provide entrance. The farm worker in turn will spread the word than nobody can enter the premise before the remote operator does a visual and audio confirmation.
  • Advertise on farm gate that any loss of signal to remote operator will lead to immediate security dispatch to farm.
  • Attach speakers to QuadroCopter and hover above intruders warning them audibly not to harm anybody as response is being dispatched.

Encase metal safe in concrete Edit

A cutting torch will cut through any metal safe. Encase it in concrete, inside the concrete place vibration detection gauges made by GE, connect using CAN bus to micro fixed wire to central alarm panel.

Guard and IRleds combination Edit - Securing Perimeter: Install a stack of InfraRedLeds around a perimeter of a property. The guard carries a GpsAndGprs or RadioModems and parallax RateGyro2 unit. The rate gyro detects whether he is moving or stationary. With a beam intrusion he manually goes to check the point of intrusion. Failure to do so will result in an alert to the CompHomeAutomation base. Place IR before door post and one just after door post - DirectionalObjectCounter. An entrance is triggered by the first beam and an exit be the opposite second beam. If five people walk into a room the two beams will break and count them entering. As they leave the beams are broken in reverse order and they are counted leaving the room.

Install as many InfraRedLeds inside a perimeter hundreds if possible. You go out the back door to do the washing and have to break a sequence of beams in a specific order before you get to the washing line. Lets presume you are alone , thus any breaking of a beam out of sequence would indicate an intruder. A guard protecting a property is usually alone, as he patrols he will break a beam in specific sequence. Any beam brake out of sequence means more than one person is on the property.

RFID tag, Bluetooth and IR leds Edit

Build on RfId tag read. On entering a room the IR leds is broken triggering the RFID read to read a close proximity RFID tag. If none is read an alert is generated. Every object, furniture in the house can be tagged like this. There are probably a few ways around this like having pre-existing knowledge of what RFID tag a home-owner is using. RFID tags are inexpensive, swap them at regular intervals. Attach a BlueTooth module like a wrist watch to you wrist, on breaking the IR beam the BlueTooth module at a perimeter junction such as a door post, garage, laundry, swimming pool will automatically scan for a BlueTooth signal. If it gets no signal an alert is triggered. Which means that each person must wear a BlueTooth module.

Or attach a wide angle IrDa, InfraRedLeds transmitter to a person's wrist. It communicates with the IR receiver at any perimeter junction after breaking an IR beam in very close proximity.

Serial cameras Edit

  • Connect a 115kbs serial CctvCameras to a 173mhz RadioModems.
  • Connect a PIR ConfiguringAlarmSystem to the I/O line of the packet radio to transmit a real-time image to the base when the PIR is triggered.
  • The cmucam is cmos based and won't work at night, for night time surveillance a CCD sensor must be used, but I don't know of any which has a serial interface.
  • For nighttime surveillance a supercircuits camera attaches to an Mpeg4Compression board.
  • The camera and DVR are only activated on a PIR alert to conserve battery power, see RobotPatrolling.
* See SerialCameras

Flexopower Edit sells VideoGoggles that weighs 300g as described in Popular mechanics p.45 Aug. 2006 edition. The i-Theatre(R2000) has an RCA jack that accepts analogue video. Place a Watec CctvCameras and InfraRedLeds on a helmet and you have a nightvision system who's range depends on the size of the battery pack. Strap an EmbeddedPc on a guard and using GPRS you can see instantly what he sees. Infrared Lasers will provide even better nightvision. See VideoGoggles

In tests Eaglecctv did they took a 1/2 inch CCD camera (Watec's are double the sensitivity) and connected it to a 1200mm Lens. Using a 840nm Infra-red laser they were able to see Unisa from Voortrekker Monument at night. A 940nm laser/LED provides complete covert surveillance. The Watec's spectral response in the 940nm range is the highest. The Watec cam weighs only 300 grams and won't strain the neck. An alternative is to use Image Intensifiers. The marines in Iraq use 4th generation which America doesn't allow be exported. Only second generation's are available in SA but these form a green mush image and needs a bright red LED which defeats the covert aspect. Their range are not even close to a Watec capturing an 940nm illuminated object.

Secure perimeter using GPRS/GPS/PIR: Edit

Attach a GpsAndGprs module and PIR (passive infrared) module to a rod that can be placed anywhere around a perimeter. The guard places multiple units around a large perimeter. On detecting a person the modules GPRS the gps coordinates to the base and to the guard for further action.

Secure perimeter using RadioModems Edit

RadioModems are an alternative to using GPRS. The radio modems sends the GPS/PIR combination on a movable rod , coordinates via 433mhz to the base. Create a trench around a macadamia plantation using TrenchingEquipment and VibratoryPlow. But RadioModems are expensive a simple on/off signal sent by a Velleman kit indicating that the PIR has triggered should suffice. Establish DrillBoxes every 200m ans install a simple 434mhz receiver such as the kits can be bought from . A security guard can now place multiple indoor petsafe passives anywhere around the perimeter just after sunset. Outdoor passives can be used on a 24hour basis since the sun won't induce false triggers. An onboard AtmelMicro logs the the GPS coordinates of the rod/PIR during the night to determine afterwards where the guard placed the rods if the Velleman kits are used. RadioModems can send the GPS coordinates in realtime. Each of the DrillBoxes has RS485 or "RS485" to send a trigger event in realtime to the base. The AtmelMicro does tamper monitoring and reads an UltrasonicSensor attached to the PIR to determine a masking attempt of the passives.

Secure perimeter via VideoModems Edit

Attach either a 430mhz or 1,2/2.4ghz video transmitter to a guard. TrenchingEquipment multiple DrillBoxes around the perimeter. The DrillBoxes receives the video signal on either 1.2ghz, 430mhz or 2.4ghz. It is preferred that 2.4ghz not be used since it will jam MeshNetworking signals. The more DrillBoxes there are the less power needs to be used by the transmitter and the less spectrum pollution is caused. The PC at the DrillBoxes captures the analogue video and transmits it via a DsLam VDSL bridge to the CentralOffice.

Secure perimeter using Wi-fi video modules/GPS/PIR, copper and video baluns Edit

TrenchingEquipment or VibratoryPlow around a perimeter, insert twisted pair into 15mm LDPE and lay it underground. Plant drill-boxes that will house a 2.4ghz Wi-fi video receiver (sold by that connects to the copper backbone at multiple points around the perimeter. The Miro 2.4ghz video modules converts the camera analogue signal to 2.4ghz transmits it to the drillbox which converts it back to analogue. The Eaglecctv video baluns takes this analogue video signal and transmits a distance of 1km overt the under ground twisted pair to the central box. One Zoneminder box with a Spectra Linux Bttv chipset can detect motion on eight analogue cameras. The 2.4ghz analogue video transmitter clamped to a tripod or rod uses little power and can be moved around the perimeter by the guard or placed at covert locations as long as it has LOS to the 2.4ghz video receiver at the drillbox. The back of the 2.4ghz analogue video transmitter is protected by a PIR. On could even place a servo on the tripod to rotate the analogue camera 360 degrees looking in the direction of a PIR being triggered. For example clamp three PIR to a tripod with the camera on top and the 2.4ghz video transmitter.

Passives and Watec cameras combined Edit

The passive triggers, triggering the camera and switching on the infra-red leds - saving battery power.

Stepper motor hiding PIR in bush Edit

Mount intrusion detection device (IDD) on a extendable pole. A stepper motor lowers the pole into the long grass during the day and extends it above the grass during the night. This allows for unattended surveillance. See ConfiguringAlarmSystem for using indoor petsafe PIR outdoors.

ThermalImagingCameras Edit

The money spent by a block of say 500 houses on security and inflated telecom costs is a staggering amount that could be used to purchase a vehicle fitted with a thermal imaging camera in addition to the Watecs and DsLam. ThermalImagingCameras prices have come down considerably and can be used to drive past insurgents and scan them for hidden fire-arms. Coordinating the financing of cameras, vehicles can only efficiently be done if all 500 houses have a 24hour Intranet and Internet connection that is virtually for free.

Farm related Dslam applications: Edit

Run TwistedPair around the perimeter of high value crops like macadamias using TrenchingEquipment.

a Time domain reflectometer ( model E-CLM) traces any fault in the cable. At any point on the twisted pair a covert camera can be installed connected to an E-TPT-BNC transmitter. Multiple Adsl modems can be installed around the perimeter. Using Wi-fi a tower needs to be built for fresnel zone clearance. It all depends on the topology of the environment and the costs wether Dslams or Wi-fi or both will be used and what is the application. For covert surveillance see RadioModems.

On a farm aim multiple InfraRedLeds down the length of the road upto 1km. A person moving very fast accross the road watched by a ZoneMinder box breaks the laser. If the ZoneMinder motion detection did not pick him up, the continually visual recorded video stream logged on a MySql database must be inspected.

A combination of DsLam,Fiber, Wi-fi and E-TPT-BNC are used to provide a realtime video stream of the bakkie driving from the farm residence to the tar road. All farmers in an area are connected via MeshNetworking. An operator watches all activity on any specific route of multiple farms. The bakkie itself must have GPS, GPRS and a camera dome on the roof for a permanent link to the base. The only two escape routes must be cut-off: Track them in the bushes with bloodhounds and make certain everybody knows where on earth the farmers bakkie is. As a backup a radio transponder that can be tracked from a chopper must be installed in the bakkie.

Perimeter hedge thorny bush and double gates Edit


Specific Farm related security Edit

Plant bouganvillas in a perimeter around the farm house. See Plant propagation Place four motion detection cameras with InfraRedLeds around the bouganvillas. Any perimeter can be breached given enough time, the bounganvillas or electric fencing stalls an intrusion attempt. In every single farm attack the assailants either escape via the farmers bakkie or via the bushes. Use a Bloodhound to track assailants in the bush. Many plots and farms have a relativly short distance to the main tar road. Train a camera on the gates as the farmer leaves and enters. The slow driving on the farmroad is the most dangerous part. Using a DsLamand MeshNetworking combination and ZoneMinder system a security operator keeps an eye in realtime on the farmers bakkie. See GpsAndGprs. Have gasmask and fire-extinguisher in room. Every year thousands of people die from smoke inhalation.

Aerial relay platform Edit

One UnmannedAerialVehicles circles a site at a hight of 300m. Lets call it the repeater-UAV. The second UAV patroling sends the video images via a 1.2ghz RadioModems to the repeater-UAV. The repeater-UAV in turn sends the images back via the 2.4ghz channel to the base. The scout-UAV is armed with a PepperBall or paintball gun. The scout-UAV could be electrically driven for maximum silence.

The farmer and his workers each wear a GpsAndGprs modem. On pressing the panic button the repeater-UAV flies low level above the GPS position of the distress position. The repeater-UAV sends back a realtime video feed to the central control room. The scout-UAV will be able to track intruders allowing the bloodhounds and security company time to arrive and track them on foot in the bush.

Security fences Edit

Security fences gives false sense of security. Any perimeter not covered by InfraRedLeds and ZoneMinder can be breached given enough time. The intruder places jumper cables in parallel with the electric fence before cutting it thus not interrupting the current. Only a TimeDomainReflectometer can detect this. Merely monitoring the voltage of a fence won't prevent a skilled intruder from breaching it.

  • Intruders dig under fences, thick thorny bushes are the best deterrent.

Wireless video transmitters Edit

Security guard securing zone Edit

Place wireless PIR around a small zone aroud the guard that will transmit to the receiver at the guard which PIR has been triggered using a 433mhz or Zigbee RadioModems.

Fixedwired backbone and wireless hotspots Edit

Populate a large perimeter like a farm at night with multiple wireless PIR sensors that communicate with a TwistedPair backbone running the length of the perimeter. The backbone will have wireless hotspots that receive the passive PIR signals using of the shell Velleman radio kits. These hotspots on the TwistedPair backbone communicate with the base via RS485/["RS485"]. The TwistedPair and power cables are laid using TrenchingEquipment.

Links Edit

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