Quadcopter visual deterrence - LEDS Edit

  • A visible drone flies in a patrol loop flashing LEDS over the farm, while an additional unseen drone also flies. Hover flashing drone over

important crops etc.

  • In residential area hover a flashing LED drone on top of wall at gate entrance.

Farmhouse Edit

Establish a MeshNetworking, FreeSpaceOptics link to a central base. The security guard will send an open-gate activation signal allowing entrance. But you also need to activate the gates using a Rfremote. Thus both signals are necessary. This is to prevent somebody from gaining entry to your premise if he gets hold of your RfActivation module. Many people have had their Rfkey dipswitch settings copied at the carwash for example.

  • Fence property with thorny bush or electric fence, surrounding perimeter with combination a motion detection cameras, FacialRecognition, OpenTLD and InfraRedLeds.
  • Entrance consists of double gate, separated enough to lock-down a car in between. On top it is secured using razor wire, preventing intrusion by climbing over first gate.
  • QuadroCopter, Uav robotics hovers in front of gate on permanent basis. Under South african law Quad frames below one kilogram are considered park fliers and not UAV(check though with lawyer, legislation could change).
  • Wi-fi link with CctvCameras and speakers in front of gate. An operator will have to open the gate from a remote location and visually confirm and speak to owner before allowing him in. The reason is that assailants could be with owner forcing him to open gates, operator will then inform assailants that security has been dispatched. Speaking over speakers directly to assailants is needed because assailants will refuse to believe than a remote operator is needed to open gates.
  • Advertise the procedure at farm gate as a deterrent', prove to any would be intruders that an intrusion will be detected , they will therefore not attempt to gain access in the first place, knowing that the farmer alone can't give them access even if he had wanted to. When a farm worker enters the farmhouse premises , the guard will provide entrance. The farm worker in turn will spread the word than nobody can enter the premise before the remote operator does a visual and audio confirmation.
  • Advertise on farm gate that any loss of signal to remote operator will lead to immediate security dispatch to farm.
  • Attach speakers to QuadroCopter and hover above intruders warning them audibly not to harm anybody as response is being dispatched.

Encase metal safe in concrete Edit

A cutting torch will cut through any metal safe. Encase it in concrete, inside the concrete place vibration detection gauges made by GE, connect using CAN bus to micro fixed wire to central alarm panel.