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{{{ this has only been used with oss..... when im having problems with a node i found myself typing and doing the same ole commands over and over.. so i wrote this very simple little script.. named it "diag" and put it in my /hj/ folder on each of my nodes and gave it root write permission. i am just putting it here as an idea to try. you may want to add or delete any parts of it.. but for me its easier and faster to just shell into a node and type "diag" to geter done..

To use the script as it is will reset your frag to off so take that part out if that is a problem for you... you will need to change to your wiana gateway ip. it will continue to ping yahoo till you do one ctrl c.. then it will step thru the rest of the commands... and if you dont have the logins saved to /drv2/logins then u will need to change that path or just delete those lines like i said this is just put here as an idea which you may or may not find useful or worth your while but it does work..

  1. ! /bin/sh

echo " " echo " " echo " " echo " " echo " " echo " " echo "*******************************" echo "*******************************" echo "***********TIME****************" date echo "***********diag****************" reporter sleep 8 echo "*******************************" echo "*******************************" echo "*******RESET FRAGMENT**********" iwconfig wlan0 frag off echo "*******************************" echo "*******************************" echo "*************sr****************" sr sleep 5 echo "*******************************" echo "*******************************" echo "********BLOCKED NODES*********" cat /proc/aodv/blocked sleep 5 echo "*******************************" echo "*******************************" echo "********LEASES GIVEN**********" cat /var/state/dhcp/dhcpd.leases sleep 5 echo "*******************************" echo "*******************************" echo "***nodes that are alive***" pingtest sleep 5 echo "*******************************" echo "*******************************" echo "******LOGIN ATTEMPTS***********" cat /drv2/logins sleep 5 echo "*******************************" echo "*******************************" echo "******YAHOO PING TEST**********" ping sleep 1 echo "*******************************" echo "*******************************" echo "*******HEALTHCHECKER************" healthchecker sleep 1 echo "*******************************" echo "*******************************" echo "****CHECKING DOWLOAD SPEED*****" leechtest echo "*******************************" echo "*******************************" echo "****WIANA CHECKIN IN 5 SEC*****" echo " " echo " " echo " " sleep 5 remotemanagement echo " " echo " " echo " " }}}

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