There are no bandwidth caps on the Intelsat VSAT system. They are based in Germany and openly mock Telkom and it's pet poodle Icasa. James has no fear of Icasa and says that there is nothing Icasa can do to stop the fearless Tel: (011) 432 0075 from openly and defiantly selling us UNCAPPED two-way satellite links in open violation of the ECA with specifically forbids anybody from providing a commercial service without a license. If John Welch LegalPerspective wants to establish a precedent he will have to start with Blueskysat first. Give Blueskysat a ring and ask them why they have no fear of the ECA and Icasa.

*$565   -> 256k
*$1480  -> 512k

*Ku band equipment -> $1690
*C-band  equipment -> $6000

Weather has no effect on the C-band, but does influence the Ku band. For both bands the pricing is the same.

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