Neural networks


Nervanasys, deepgroup activity analysis. Identifies kayaking, crime, loitering, jumping over walls and normal activity. Sends and alert on any abnormality, replacing expensive cctv operators. It therefore doesn't need expensive fiber bandwidth, cell networks will suffice. FpGa#Intel is an alternative to Nvidia GPU but more expensive and lacks the flexibility. A vehicle drives by each Raspberry pi(wi-fi) node downloading the video footage at the end of day for archival and analysis, avoiding fiber bandwidth.

Yolo ,Yolo_training#object_tracking real time multiple object detection of cars, people, facial recognition etc. at frame rate of 30fps to 200fps, making it the fastest CNN on a TintanX gpu or Nvidia Jetson and written in plain procedural C allowing for the mechatronic convergence of Lathe, Tracked vehicle, Optical encoders, ESC speed control and PID control. It lessens the need for a complicated faster fpga implementation of other CNNs. tokens, does real time face and object surveillance leveraging the vast GPU infrastructure created by Ethereum, Monero and Zcash mining. Xilinx Demonstration of Quad-Video Analytics with Real-time, Multi-CNN Recognition Acceleration Xilinx ZU9 MPSoC. Each video stream is processed with a different CNN model: face detect, gesture detect, pedestrian single-shot detect and traffic single-shot detect. Xilinx delivers high-performance CNN (convolutional neural network) acceleration in less than 10-watts.

Yolo allows for example ridding reefs of destructive Lion fish by capturing them for consumption with an unmanned model robotic submarine. Retail solutions would be stacking fifty Raspberry pi around the shopping aisle, streaming footage to a Nvidia GPU Jetson module . The jar of peanut butter that the patron took of the shelf must checkout at the cashier, else a shoplifting event is triggered. Yolo identifies the products on the cashier line, allowing for rapid processing of items in excess of manual laser scanning speeds. Much fewer cashiers will be needed. A Farmbot type Weed removal with Chris Annin six axis robot mounted on UGV is done with Yolo identifying the weeds.

  • Crime and Bandwidth solution
  • Patents , GPL and BSD The GPL restriction from the copyright holders are used to emulate the effect of patents. Apache2 means that the licensor hasn't exempted anyone from his patents, only that the licensees have.
  • Sa Telecoms licensing Icasa cannot prosecute anyone, only the NPA can do this and they won't on anything except SABC and Mhz radio spectrum.

Because Yolo is public domain it allows for commercialized solutions in contrast to GPL and BSD which is defined as proprietary by copyright law. The copyright holders of Caffe berkeley vision have to be paid lots of money by companies that cannot state that they want to charge you for something they downloaded off github. Paying millions to the owners, the copyright holders of Caffe berkeley they are exempted from having to acknowledging the BSD license in their product and the same for proprietary GPL code. Any form of copyright Apache,GPL, BSD, allows the emulation of a software patent and the employment of slave labor and inflating the cost of products due to the payment of licensing exemption fees to the proprietors such as Richard Stallman. Caffe Berkeley's latest license(June 2018) is in effect the GPL_and_BSD#Apache license with the patent clauses stripped out and has no label. University of California are the sole proprietors over Caffe, only they have the right to modify it away from their previous BSD license and only they can demand money from facetor for exemption from having to state that they are using Caffe code.

GPL in particular fragments the ecosystem of ideas into proprietary code shards, preventing the next Google and solidifying the dominance of the Industrial, military surveillance complex that is Amazon, Apple,Google, Redhat, NSA and CIA. Any new entrant wont' have proprietary lock down on the "mount" command for example, because Redhat's 90 year proprietorship over "mount" under GPL2 will be used to force such an innovator to share all its code, making it commercially nonviable. Stallman selectively enforces his defacto GPL software patents as the surveillance military complex prevents entitlements, labor, currency and environmental standards arbitrage between strong and weak institutionalized countries. The CIA chooses the winners and losers as it can always arbitrarily enforce some GPL shard against a company. Linksys was forced to drop official Linux support for its LinksysWrt54g routers. Tomtom was nearly shutdown because of GPL enforcement: who owned them back then and who is the controlling company now? How deeply embedded is Garmin with the US military? The VLC video project had to get permission from every single individual copyright holder to relicense it from GPL3 to LGPL, else Android could not include it.

South-Africa's rand plunged to ZAR18 as we faced an imminent coup by India: the USA will not allow itself to be arbitraged by a banana republic induced currency differential. The developing world needs to strengthen its institutions and not perpetuate endless policy uncertainty and then expect the US to have its industry gutted with cheap imports: Bill Clinton threw a lifeline to China due to Mao Zedong's hubris, but it can't help everybody and won't allow itself to be gamed by ossified policy decisions from those that are not to big to fail. lead helicopter developer was caught off guard when Chris Anderson relicensed the GPL3 code as BSD at 3am in the morning. The developers weren't aware that it is the copyright holder who can do whatever he wants, not the licensees: the GPL3 terms don't apply to the licensor such as, copyright assignment to fsf. Without anyone having to be informed, the proprietor Stallman can exempt anyonefrom GPL compliance and enforce it against the very same deceived cognites who signed over copyright to fsf.

Apple, Google, Redhat , IBM have employed the original GPL copyright holders on Linux, allowing them arbitrary enforcement against competitors. Linux is intertwined into products and services with the Redhat Systemd backdoor allowing the sabotage of any system not part of the CIA determined participants in the surveillance,industrial and military complex. GPL enforcement is done by the copyright holding proprietor(Stallman), who can exempt those companies the CIA considers integral. Meaningless terms like "opensource" is used to obscure that ideas are either proprietary or public domain. refluxes into a state of epistemological impermanence: patents are also opensource, the idea is documented but its implementation restricted by the proprietor. and provides a platform for agent Stallman's Maslowian psyops, leveraging the angricity of GPL3 contributors. Having thousands of GPL3 code shards involving matrix multiplication signed over to agent Stallman, provides the CIA an effective a ninety year software patent on something as elementary as lithium in the periodic table. We all make value judgements on how fairness is appropriated and how to make the world a better place. The CIA's psyops is in leveraging this anxiety , channeling proprietorship over ideas into a ninety year lock down by redefining the meaning of language itself: free in terms of court rulings is supposed to mean public domain, not Stallman domain. everything is gravitating to towards a marginal cost of production, the CIA is attempting to make it impossible for the developing world to export products to the US, as it would ruin them due to asymmetric currency differentials.

US law is drafted such that a citizen is always guilty of some contravention, allowing arbitrary enforcement for wider institutional goals. Policy wonk Larry Summers will do whatever it takes to prevent a race to the bottom. Any type of self driving car will use flash devices, allowing the Redhat CIA alliance to shut down competitors of Tesla by a Systemd malfunction crashing the competitors vehicles randomly: the more bugs they try to trace the more the chip level Minix operating system creates random crashes.(All operating systems install on top of Intel's minix). For the rest of us, not wishing to hand over copyright of everything to CIA fronts, a much better incentive model for code development is to for example fork over stacks of bitcoin and Ethereum to PJ Reddy the author and original copyright holding proprietor over Yolo for relinquishing his copyright into the public domain.

oop category mistake

Object oriented programming is a metaphorically induced category mistake, resulting in an ontological state of Noun reification: rocks, mielies, nouns, verbs and behaviors don't exist inside of computers. Stroustrup, sporting himself as the court jester admitted oop is an academic fraud cooked up by university professors for high cognition job reservation, phd students and journal publication fodder. It excludes average skilled programmers unable to deal with the Lost in space syndrome oop creates and enables embezzlement. If university professors could get society to ask "what is the marital status of the number seven?" then hundreds of Tony Robbinses will be spawned. Robert Martin is the Tony Robbins of the computer science world. With OOP we have an information cascade, which occurs when people signal that they have information about something, but actually based their judgment on other people's signals, resulting in a self-reinforcing community opinion that doesn't necessarily reflect reality.

Neural net applications

Neural papers with code A Yolo controlled Gimbal with a PepperBall gun is pushed up through the roof opening in the corner of the cash in transit vehicle with Linear actuators. Actuation of such a device must always be done physically, some physical lever must be pulled to prevent the AI system from auto engaging. Fit a Quad frames drone with a Flame thrower. Control engagement with an acoustic gunshot detecor and AI network, this is to prevent an aggressive criminal prosecution as SA law dictates that your life must be in immediate danger for lethal force to be used. Having a drone fitted flame thrower had better be accompanied by video proof that no other reasonable option was available(be certain to confirm this usage with the themselves). Create various simulated armed assault, counter flame throwing defence engagements with the Unreal graphics engine and provide the youtube github link so that the NPA can comment on it.(Think of South Africa as being in a Buck Rogers adventure.)

video examples

video security incidents

Energy tripple junction CPV cells.

BatteryTech The patents on NiMH used in Toyota will expire in 2018. Hack and sell solutions based on it via a fronting company in South Africa because a constitutional court ruling forbids incarceration for civil debt. NiMH and Zinc batteries are easy to manufacture and recycling of the base metal is done with a Solar Tracking furnace. The patent in question revolves around stacking multiple NiMH in series. If somebody can figure out how to make a cheap tracking device 1/10 degree, then it will be akin to the invention of electricity, quantum mechanics and the IC engine. The cost of living pivots on the three legs of Energy, raw materials and intellectual property. The energy leg will crumble when the sun's unlimited energy is concentrated with a marginal cost tracking device, the solar frame, motors and Linear actuators are cheaply made with diy hack Machine design techniques. Recycling costs of raw materials collapses when energy becomes for free. Finally with many expired patents, the rent seeking on using IP is negated.

Free space optics

Robotics and Aerial drones


Robotics and drones. Create low pass mechanical Vibration control with wire rope, preventing IMU saturation at its resonant 8khz frequency.


Machine design

3d printing

Combine the 3d pellet extruder ,3d five axis printer, Heated chamber Stratasys patent and 3d fiber printer for a machine to print mountain bikes as strong as aluminum but much lighter. Dupont has the patent on Ultem plastic, Mark Forged the patent on carbon fiber extrusion over plastic and Stratasys the patent on heating a chamber to 200C , the glass transition phase of Ultem. These three patents will postpone the mass fabrication ability of 3d printers for another fifteen years. South Africa allows you to hack these patents with a Fronting company. Energy makes up 95% of the cost of Carbon tubes in using polypropylene, nitrogen,hydrogen and carbon. These elements are in abundance, isolating them takes vast amounts of energy. A cheap Solar Tracking device will collapse the cost of living. 3d printers filament extrusion , printers with Heated chamber. Eiger printer prints in fiber and nylon, strong as aluminium

RC wiki

Image processing



Gprs and wifi streaming Ez-WifiBroadcast is a radically simple digital data transmission system. A bidirectional data link is established using commercial off-the-shelf hardware like WiFi modules and a pair of Raspberry pi computers. Coupled with special software this unique system allows transmission of low latency HD video, telemetry and control data between endpoints. In comparison to a classical wireless connection Ez-WifiBroadcast tries to imitate the famous properties of an analog link like graceful signal degradation and no association between the endpoints.

Fixed wired and DSLAM

Wireless Communications

Free space optics



Our firearms legislation makes it clear that firearms include grooved barrels that can take .22, 0.223, .303 etc size bullets or at least there hasn't been a prosecution for having a grooved barrel that can't take standard size bullets. If there were to be a prosecution for such then how would one avoid prosecuting industrial grooved barrel usage? Obviously a lethal weapon can be created with a CO2 nylon scuba tank and twenty millimeter smooth pipe firing rounds of hard nylon balls. The reason such a setup won't be classified as a firearm is because it will be used as pretext for bribes and to shutdown industry: every single pipe under compression at a chemical plant could potentially be considered a lethal weapon.

Firearm legislation only makes reference to paintball markers, but it doesn't specify what this is supposed to mean in terms of joule energy and barrel diameter for such markers. Joule energy is specified only for grooved barrel air guns and this includes the nonlicensed .177 and licensed higher calibers. (what are the specific airgun calibers?)

This is reasonable as a grooved barrel air gun can be used as sniping rifle, a smooth pipe would be to inaccurate at a distance.

Security and home automation

SmartDust , EblockWatch1

Intruders jump from wall to wall and their escape is prevented with Quad frames drone detecting the IR light. PepperBall#Strobe_flashing_LEDInferno Strobocop LED produces a blinding, intense flashlight that renders the intruder unable to see Place in middle or road to prevent car fleeing blasting it with paintball remotely via wi-fi and OpenTLD tracking algorithm and camera module on turret. ".. One researcher was able to use a wireless signal sent by a smart meter from up to 300 meters away (900 feet) to find out which house it was coming from and what the current power consumption was in plain text. She was then able to use this information to determine when people were and were not home based on average spikes in consumption since the meters pulse every 30 seconds. .." Burglars could use tech to determine if person is at home or not.

Securing perimeter

Infrared tripwire and Adafruit Serial camera with IR $50 sends a JPEG photo over a $13 IM900 GPRS/GSM Shield Development Board Quad-Band Module for arduino Compatible with UNO MEGA 2560 from any remote location powered by a solar cell.

GpsAndGprs fitted drone departs from base on detecting jamming attempt from the relay of gsm modem , flying out of range of and then sending alert.UHf, wifi, gps blocks upto 50m and 120watt directional up to 150m Use yagi antenna for directional beam to cellphone mast, omni is more prone to jamming. VibratoryPlow four twisted pair wire to DrillBoxes 500m around base, out of range of phonejammer. All four drill boxes and base must be jammed at same time, to prevent a GSM alert from being sent by either gsm modem. Walki-talki jamming is detected with RF power meter. Setup a big board explaining what you have done, convince intruders that jamming of RF Mhz and/or GSM spectrum will trigger alert(Advertise security measures). Any sort of jamming is illegal and provides grounds for citizens arrest, have a bodycam on you to prevent bogus assault charges. Frontal shots with PepperBall gun is acceptable, if intruder turns his back then your bodycam will prove you didn't intend to use excessive force. A flashing light barrier on UGV provides close proximity protection, it forces the intruder to back down. pretrained human recognition code runs on GPU#Jetson, allowing the Tracked vehicle robot turret to engage intruders with Net gun or Flame thrower or vision destroying green laser(10watt) depending on threat level. OpenTLD , Slam. Yolo is the preferred solution over Opencv. The intruder is first illuminated with high power 920nm(invisible to human eye) leds or laser(fitted with dispersion lens). He is then blasted with green laser light and blinded, which could be permanent if high power laser is used. laser dispersion lens from edmundoptics enlarges the beam. Rapid flashing at a certain frequency induces nausea(us patent on green laser gun). System like this is very dangerous as something usually goes wrong and owner gets blasted with laser.

Jamming of the UGV MeshNetworking wifi signal is negated with directional Yagi and Antenna tracking and [[Opencv] AI intelligence(meaning the robot will automatically engage anybody with its Hi3518E IP Camera). When robot is stationary use Antenna tracking to aim EthernetTransceiver#DP83848 transceiver modules(Free space optics).

If PepperBall fails to deter 27 AK47 insurgents, then send out the hydrocloric acid filled glass balls robot. No amount of body armor will protect against this. Do not use it though indoors as the gas fumes will envelop you. Not sure what gasmask precautions there are against it. By detecting any type of an armed attack you are able to escalate the response in a proportional manner. It can't be stressed enough just how much precaution is needed when mounting acid filled glass balls on a Tracked vehicle with Opencv AI. For example how would you prevent shooting any security guards responding if all RF, wifi and GSM has been jammed? Would anybody even dare responding to your situation if they knew you had these types of devices roaming and flying across the farm? And for that matter would armed intruders risk third degree burns if you place a big sign board with flashing QuadroCopter drone on top Advertise security measures. Obviously the UGV patrolling the farm roads with Lidar and Slam wouldn't be actually armed with HCL filled glass balls, but about 99% of potential intruders wouldn't want to find out after watching the youtube link provided at the entrance showing what remained of a cow carcass blasted with a hundred rounds.

The prevailing wisdom is that security measures shouldn't be advertised, my assertion is that it should be advertised: convince any would be intruder that nobody is going to get past hundreds of Infrared leds beams and multiple proximity sensors, cheap doppler Radar modules($0.5) from Aliexpress Infrared tripwire, UAV and UGV drones. The radar proximity detection range is 4m, a thousand of these for $500 connected via CAN bus and VibratoryPlow creates an impenetrable mesh. On detecting an intrusion the Caffe berkeley vision OpenKai or Yolo uav flies to indicate whether a bushpig or human triggered the sensor. Technology changes the nature of perimeter security: a farm or small holding is much safer than a residential area because a much larger area can be blanketed, creating a much larger response window time.

Security guards do not enter a residence when they know intruders are inside, rather they wait from them to exit and flee the crime scene and then attend to any injured. Our gun laws don't allow security to shoot these assailants as they flee because it isn't known what type of crime they have committed. If there is any doubt as to the validity of lethal force used in self defense , the NPA will prosecute whoever shot first. There was a case a few years ago where an under cover SAPS member cornered somebody, they both got the situation wrong, the resident thought it was an armed attack, while the SAPS member thought it was a criminal with a gun. The NPA prosecuted the person who shot first after sending the guns for ballistics. Proving that your life was in immediate danger usually comes down to the intruder having shot first and you returning fire. If you shoot before he shoots, it would usually have to be in some confined space, where you could not have made a retreat. Having witnesses that will confirm that the intruder stated he is going to kill you is just about what you need to be found not guilty if you shot first. In the Oscar Pretorius trial Adv. Gerry Nel took some of the witnesses to task that their statements converged to much, he asserted that they conspired in their testimony. Rather have the Yolo controlled Tracked vehicle vehicle fire a volley of twenty suitable projectiles at the intruder.

. jetson car build The security company response vehicle(4x4) offloads UGV(unmanned groud vehicle), Tracked vehicle, RoboTics around the intrusion point. Caffe_berkeley_vision#OpenKAI or the preferred Yolo with Nvidia Jetson GPU provides automated vision steering and object identification. Its fitted with a Zed stereo camera.

Two bots head for the front and back doors, three scatter spikes over the driveway and the other scatter spikes around the getaway vehicle or even clamp the tires. UGV are fitted with Gimbal, PepperBall or Net gun. UGV motion is powered with esc speed control. OpenTLD, Opencv for object tracking and automated engagement of target. The idea is to deny mobility of assailant with hundreds of spikes, flying pepperball and nets. The UGV traverses the spikes with its armored Tracked vehicle tracks and deny the intruders mobility. Hopefully they will then attempt to shoot their way out, allowing gunfire to be returned.

Security guards are not ninjas, provide the guard with rapid access via remote opening of the gate after going through some sort of verification protocol, instead of clambering over the gate. The Encryption methods used, needs to be well thought out.


links surfing invention , a dock floating on the ocean. Libgen dot info, zeronet gadgets, hover board, skateboard , electric surfboard catterpilar track personal mobility cart.

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