MI6 and NSA elected Trump

Encryption MI6's Cambridge Analytica(Steve Bannon is board member) and the NSA got Trump elected by leveraging data sets on the electorate with surgically crafted Tensorflow neural network algorithms. The audio from cellphones are extracted and machine mined, enabling targeted Facebook consent engineering adds. Under Chamberlain's tenure before the second world war, an intelligence agent risked his life by providing Churchill secretly with German rearmament figures. The deep state has always attempted to direct the course of history.
Today they have free and unfettered access to the entire internet allowing them to create media content on either ideological divide (NSA Chomsky vs NSA Bannon, Anonymous, Snowden Psyops), nudging the narrative vector imperceptibly, positioning the chess pieces (driving a wedge between Iran,China and Russia) in the coming water wars with China, Pakistan, India and Europe's showdown with sharia law. Traditional media(WSJ) is kept alive by secret funding in exchange for the NSA journalist plants(Danny Yadron, who did the damage control on the SSL heartbleed bug). Jeff Bezos Washington post patent approval depends on his cooperation with the NSA. Zuckerberg will do as he is told, preventing "Russian" DDOS. The NSA has convinced hackers that they got away with defrauding banks: nobody is getting away with anything, the NSA is allowing hacking of corporations and banks as a cover for their own activities in the same way that German bombing runs were allowed by Churchill to prevent it being know that Enigma was broken. The greatest war the NSA is fighting is the one for the American mind, a people who don't understand that if Pakistan(Pakistan Timber Mafia) implodes due to environmental damage such as floods it does in fact become everyones problem. US democracy won't allow the army to deploy thousands of drones to protect our cloud forming forests from being destroyed.

All the speakers at are NSA agents, the hacks are misdirection because the NSA has direct chip access, they don't need the hacking tools.

Agent Chomsky revealed to us why the CIA was so furious with JFK. Khrushchev wanted to end the Cuban missile crisis by having the US reciprocate by not installing missiles on Turkey's border. JFK refused, with Khrushchev eventually backing down. What we now find out is that during the Cuban crises the hotheads in the Kremlin sent a lone submariner with nukes on a trip to the USA where he was forced to surface with depth charges dropped by the navy. The Russian commander prevented the US fleet from being annihilated because his second in command wanted to launch a nuclear missile. If he had not intervened, you would be not be reading this because all mammalian life would have been destroyed. How close we came to termination was of course communicated to the CIA by the KGB, but the CIA could not reveal this information: the CIA deals with the real world, having to navigate a Camelot of Democrat voting fools.

Chomsky thinks it is fine that a nuclear armed Israel be provoked but not Russia(Aljazeera interview), this inconsistency is a side effect of directing the narrative. He has an Houdini like ability to make it seem like he denigrates Trump and supporting Hillary, while actually praising Trump for preventing a nuclear showdown with Russia and wresting control away from Hillary.
By positing agent Chomsky as the left's leading intellectual the deep state are able to intervene at crucial junctions in history(Trump) as they desperately fight to prevent the implosion of western civilization. Here agent Chomsky informs us that it isn't a bad thing for the Trump team to engage the Russians right after he engaged in invective towards Paul Ryan. This induces cognitive dissonance as the fascist mind tries to reconcile two mutually contradictory narratives. The CIA hopes that their psycops nudges is slightly right. Trump won the electoral college vote because Jill Stein's Greenpeace fragmented the Democrat vote. Agent Chomsky castigates both Republicans and Democrats, resulting in Greenpeace votes! NSA control is so firmly embedded in the media, that no outlet raises the obvious question: who do they support , Hillary or Trump?

Thomas Bailey(Stanford University) wrote 1948 in his book The Man in the Street: The Impact of American Public Opinion on Foreign Policy (New York, 1948) "...Because the masses are notoriosly shortsighted and cannot see danger until it is at their throats our statesmen are forced to deceive them into an awareness of their own longrun interests. Deception of the people may increasingly become necessary , unless we are willing to give our leaders in Washington a freer hand ...." See

In 1981 Samual Huntington, professor of government at Harvard said:".... you may have to sell intervention and other action in such a way that you create the inversion that it is the Soviet Union you are fighting. That's what the US has been doing ever since the Trueman doctrine...." as quoted by agent Chomsky from youtube video Chomsky explains why Hitchens and Horowitz reversed everything they believed. Chomsky, in quoting these foreign policy makers views, makes it seem as though he is opposing it.



  • Crime and Bandwidth solution
  • Patents , GPL and BSD The GPL restriction from the copyright holders are used to emulate the effect of patents. Apache2 means that the licensor hasn't exempted anyone from his patents, only that the licensees have.


  • Sa Telecoms licensing Icasa cannot prosecute anyone, only the NPA can do this and they won't on anything except SABC and Mhz radio spectrum. Using the Dapper muis license a, powerful telecoms license available to all South-Africans, we install WiMax on 7Ghz.

Free space optics

Robotics and Aerial drones


Machine design

RC wiki

Neural networks

Image processing


Fixed wired and DSLAM

Wireless Communications


Populate residences with Infrared tripwire and outdoor Infrared leds alarm system all interfaced to a control room using Free space optics, MeshNetworking . Intruders jump from wall to wall and their escape is prevented with Quad frames drone detecting the IR light. The drone is sent to hover over any property where alarm is triggered. Place PepperBall gun on mobile turret that can be carried. PepperBall#Strobe_flashing_LEDInferno Strobocop LED produces a blinding, intense flashlight that renders the intruder unable to see Place in middle or road to prevent car fleeing blasting it with paintball remotely via wi-fi and OpenTLD tracking algorithm and camera module on turret. ".. One researcher was able to use a wireless signal sent by a smart meter from up to 300 meters away (900 feet) to find out which house it was coming from and what the current power consumption was in plain text. She was then able to use this information to determine when people were and were not home based on average spikes in consumption since the meters pulse every 30 seconds. .." Burglars could use tech to determine if person is at home or not.

Securing perimeter

GpsAndGprs fitted drone departs from base on detecting jamming attempt from the relay of gsm modem , flying out of range of and then sending alert.UHf, wifi, gps blocks upto 50m and 120watt directional up to 150m Use yagi antenna for directional beam to cellphone mast, omni is more prone to jamming. VibratoryPlow four twisted pair wire to DrillBoxes 500m around base, out of range of phonejammer. All four drill boxes and base must be jammed at same time, to prevent a GSM alert from being sent by either gsm modem. Walki-talki jamming is detected with RF power meter. Setup a big board explaining what you have done, convince intruders that jamming of RF Mhz and/or GSM spectrum will trigger alert(Advertise security measures). Any sort of jamming is illegal and provides grounds for citizens arrest, have a bodycam on you to prevent bogus assault charges. Frontal shots with PepperBall gun is acceptable, if intruder turns his back then your bodycam will prove you didn't intend to use excessive force. A flashing light barrier on UGV provides close proximity protection, it forces the intruder to back down. pretrained human recognition code runs on GPU#Jetson, allowing the Tracked vehicle robot turret to engage intruders with Net gun or Flame thrower or vision destroying green laser(10watt) depending on threat level. OpenTLD , Slam, Opencv locks unto face of intruder. The intruder is first illuminated with high power 920nm(invisible to human eye) leds or laser(fitted with dispersion lens). He is then blasted with green laser light and blinded, which could be permanent if high power laser is used. laser dispersion lens from edmundoptics enlarges the beam. Rapid flashing at a certain frequency induces nausea(us patent on green laser gun). System like this is very dangerous as something usually goes wrong and owner gets blasted with laser.

Jamming of the UGV MeshNetworking wifi signal is negated with directional Yagi and Antenna tracking and [[Opencv] AI intelligence(meaning the robot will automatically engage anybody with its Hi3518E IP Camera). When robot is stationary use Antenna tracking to aim EthernetTransceiver#DP83848 transceiver modules(Free space optics).

If PepperBall fails to deter 27 AK47 insurgents, then send out the hydrocloric acid filled glass balls robot. No amount of body armor will protect against this. Do not use it though indoors as the gas fumes will envelop you. Not sure what gasmask precautions there are against it. By detecting any type of an armed attack you are able to escalate the response in a proportional manner. It can't be stressed enough just how much precaution is needed when mounting acid filled glass balls on a Tracked vehicle with Opencv AI. For example how would you prevent shooting any security guards responding if all RF, wifi and GSM has been jammed? Would anybody even dare responding to your situation if they knew you had these types of devices roaming and flying across the farm? And for that matter would armed intruders risk third degree burns if you place a big sign board with flashing QuadroCopter drone on top Advertise security measures. Obviously the UGV patrolling the farm roads with Lidar and Slam wouldn't be actually armed with HCL filled glass balls, but about 99% of potential intruders wouldn't want to find out after watching the youtube link provided at the entrance showing what remained of a cow carcass blasted with a hundred rounds.

The prevailing wisdom is that security measures shouldn't be advertised, my assertion is that it should be advertised: convince any would be intruder that nobody is going to get past hundreds of Infrared leds beams and multiple proximity sensors, cheap doppler Radar modules($0.5) from Aliexpress Infrared tripwire, UAV and UGV drones. The radar proximity detection range is 4m, a thousand of these for $500 connected via CAN bus and VibratoryPlow creates an impenetrable mesh. On detecting an intrusion the Caffe berkeley vision OpenKai uav flies to indicate whether a bushpig or human triggered the sensor. Technology changes the nature of perimeter security: a farm or small holding is much safer than a residential area because a much larger area can be blanketed, creating a much larger response window time.

Security guards do not enter a residence when they know intruders are inside, rather they wait from them to exit and flee the crime scene and then attend to any injured. Our gun laws don't allow security to shoot these assailants as they flee because it isn't known what type of crime they have committed. If there is any doubt as to the validity of lethal force used in self defense , the NPA will prosecute whoever shot first. There was a case a few years ago where an under cover SAPS member cornered somebody, they both got the situation wrong, the resident thought it was an armed attack, while the SAPS member thought it was a criminal with a gun. The NPA prosecuted the person who shot first after sending the guns for ballistics.

. jetson car build The security company response vehicle(4x4) offloads UGV(unmanned groud vehicle), Tracked vehicle, RoboTics around the intrusion point. Caffe_berkeley_vision#OpenKAI with Nvidia Jetson GPU provides automated vision steering and object identification. Its fitted with a Zed stereo camera.

Two bots head for the front and back doors, three scatter spikes over the driveway and the other scatter spikes around the getaway vehicle or even clamp the tires. UGV are fitted with Gimbal, PepperBall or Net gun. UGV motion is powered with esc speed control. OpenTLD, Opencv for object tracking and automated engagement of target. The idea is to deny mobility of assailant with hundreds of spikes, flying pepperball and nets. The UGV traverses the spikes with its armored Tracked vehicle tracks and deny the intruders mobility. Hopefully they will then attempt to shoot their way out, allowing gunfire to be returned.

Security guards are not ninjas, provide the guard with rapid access via remote opening of the gate after going through some sort of verification protocol, instead of clambering over the gate. ismartalarm hacking of wireless alarms is to easy.

Home automation and PC



RegalSecurity, ConfiguringAlarmSystem , ElveyAlarms

Vehicle security


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