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    *  Overview of Broadband Wireless Markets, Applications, and Requirements
          o Architecture of a broadband wireless access network
          o Line of Sight vs Non-Line-of-Sight
          o Topologies and Mobility
          o Advanced Antenna Systems
          o Quality of Service
          o Single-Carrier and Multi-Carrier Options
          o The role of the WiMAX Forum
    * 802.16 High-level Architecture
          o Physical Architecture
          o Protocol Architecture
          o Time Slots and Time Division Multiple Access
          o Uplink and Downlink Channel Descripters and Maps
          o Physical Slots, Mini-Slots and Symbols
          o Time Division Duplex and Frequency Division Duplex
          o Options
          o Which Implementation Options are most common?
    * 802.16 Medium Access Control
          o Steps for Joining an 802.16 network
          o Addressing and Encapsulation
          o Bandwidth Requests and Allocation
          o Automatic repeat request (ARQ)
          o Security
          o Quality of Service Scheduling Rules
          o MAC enhancements for advanced antennal systems
    * 802.16 Physical Layer Options
          o Why are there so many PHY options?
          o Physical layer for 10 to 66 GHz
          o Single-carrier physical layer for operation between 2 and 11 GHz (802.16a)
          o Trellis-coded modulation
          o Multipath: Why multi-carrier approaches?
          o Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)
          o Multi-carrier OFDM for 2-to-11 GHz Licensed Operation
          o Multi-carrier OFDM for 2-to-11 GHz Unlicensed Operation
          o Digital Signal Processing algorithms beyond the standard
          o Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Access
          o (OFDMA) for licensed and unlicensed use
    * The Mobile future: 802.16e
          o Why a mobile version of 802.16?
          o 802.16e adoption forecast
          o 802.16e MAC and PHY enhancements
          o Handover
          o Cell Selection
    * Options for 802.16 Implementers
          o Advanced antenna systems
          o Coexistence problems and specifications
    * WiMAX Profiles
          o WiMAX Certification


Links Edit

* WiMaxLinks

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