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Cockroaches have an inbuilt ability to stabilize their frame in a severe obstacle environment. Quad_frames#Flexacopter and Vibration is the preferred solution for building a quad copter due to its high frequency vibration attenuation ability with wire rope. Attempting to implement control stability with only a plastic frame and Kalman math algorithms isn't possible as the IMU gyro saturation at its resonant frequency of 8khz is to severe. The wirerope creates a mechanical low pass filter, it is impossible to eliminate all vibration, like it isn't possible to eliminate all harmonics in a power supply. Copy the Quad frames flexacopter wire-rope and DJI Wookong IMU on aluminium block idea for the Vibration problem. Drive the electric motors at 20khz above the range of human hear with PWM. Existing boards drive motors at 4khz to conserve power, but it makes a noise within the human hearing range.

Stealth silent drone operation is achieved with pwm above the human hearing range of 20khz. AtmelMicro pwm is 4khz, generating a high pitched noise. Interface an FpGa to the arduino pwm output lines and convert it to 20khz and same on the ESC speed control. The drawback is increased energy consumption.

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  • cyphyworks robotics , Note the patents it cites. Tethered power and comms allowing indefinite operation and communication. This disclosure involves aerial robots that dispenses conductive filament or systems, methods, and software for support such aerial robots. One remotely powered aerial robot system includes an aerial robot and a power source. The aerial robot comprises a body, a first propeller coupled to the body and operable to provide thrust to the aerial robot, a rotatable spool coupled to the body, and a conductive filament that is dispensed from the spool by rotation of the spool is one direction and retrieved by rotation of the spool in another direction. The power source is coupled with, and remote from, the aerial robot via the conductive filament, where the conductive filament is operable to power the first propeller using power from the power source.
  • Waypoint rtk gps embed ground control points for ground mapping. Precision landing with realtime kinematics. Navio board inserts into Rasberry Pi.
  • Lidar, Slam Lider terrain following, latest arducopter code release (3.4)
  • various projects, pid, arduino
  • dji PRO mavic clone $40

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Uav external links Edit, Fighting Walrus™ creates the best personal drone experience for iOS on Apple devices. The iDroneLink™ accessory and iDroneCtrl iOS App allows you to control your personal drone with your iPad or iPhone at distances up to a half mile.

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Combine ........ video over cellar networks with suitable UAV project and fitted with Thermal imaging cameras. UavAirframes A few hundred UavAirframes#3m_Aerosonde_type_frame fitted with cheap Gentlenav from Uav robotics and un-cooled $3500 ThermalImagingCameras#Flir_Pathfinder streaming images over a 400Mhz WiMax link, patrolling the major Afghanistan routes will prevent IED attacks.With FpGa real-time image stabilization is done on the Mpeg4Compression, DVR stream, negating cross winds destabilizing the video image. This same principle can stop crime in South-Africa as well as piracy on the high sees. South-African law is tolerant of civilian drone usage - Drone swarming.

Gentlenav Matrix pilot, loiter an UavAirframes in a circle above a target, making the IMU dizzy proof. Gentlenav determined that that there is a 0.08sec delay in the magnetometer readings and compensated for this using feed-forward control and enabled automatic in-flight gyro calibration. Eliminate RF interference (, place pcb inside plastic box, painted with copper-paint, constructing a .

As an UavAirframes circles in a spot its IMU gets 'dizzy' or saturated but Gentlenav solved the problem. Fixedwing speed control is achieved using the kinetic energy of the craft, thus a plane will dive to gain airspeed in addition to increasing throttle.

In strong winds the effective airspeed measured by the air speed sensor differs from ground speed, Gentlenav solved this by maintaining a constant ground speed irrespective of wind speed. For UAV'S to be useful it must be able to loiter in a loop over a target for any point of time and be able to maintain a path in any direction at an angle to a strong cross wind. The UAV will have to point its nose in a direction away from its intended path to compensate for the wind, meaning the vector calculations integrating GPS and magnetometer readings will be different than if there were no wind. In no wind the nose of the UAV is pointed in the desired direction of travel. Openpilot, Diydrones arducopter and Gluon Pilot fixed wing code can't compensate for cross winds, their code only works in calm weather. (this problem was fixed by diydrones).

Sense and avoid Edit OcPoC (Octagonal Pilot on Chip) is the SoC FpGa -based open-source flight control platform engineered to bring you greatly enhanced I/O capabilities and processing power that is unparalleled by any other platform of its class. μSharp, a 360° sense-and-avoid radar small enough to be integrated into consumer drones, has the robust performance needed for reliable obstacle avoidance in any weather condition at time of day or night.

Aluminum vs carbon fiber Edit Drill holes in aluminium Quad frames to reduce weight, much more cost effective then carbon legs. Make your own carbon fiber tubes with CncControllers#Xwinder

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