Perimeter patrol Edit

Four wheel robot patrols perimeter from waypoint to way-point. A GPS doesn't have the resolution to accurately determine its position. The propeller RateGyro2 design will steer the bot from point to point. At a way-point place ultrasonic detectors on either side of the road to determine where exactly the robot is situated. A RadioModems tells the robot computer it's position so that it can turn itself to aim for the next way-point. On extended perimeters it isn't practical to place GuideWires under the ground for the robots magnetic pickup to steer upon. Place these wires only at places where turns are to be made and aim the bot to these places using a GPS, RateGyro2 and digital compass combination.

Robot patrolling Edit

Build a battlebot with OSMC motor controller drivers from RoboTics. Fit a GpsAndGprs or suitable RadioModems to stream real-time Mpeg4Compression data to the host pc. Fit a very low lux sensitive CctvCameras from with covert invisible 940nm InfraRedLeds. Or use SerialCameras for daytime usage.

0.01 lux cmos Edit

The 0.01 CMOS SerialCameras OTV module and illuminate objects using a laser InfraRedLeds instead of high power leds, which have higher power consumption than a laser. OTV don't have CCD modules.

An embedded Mpeg4Compression board with Ethernet can be used and if an EmbeddedPc power usage is excessive.

* Various options for streaming mpeg-4 over RadioModems link:
* The Ethernet stream is converted to RS485/["RS485"] before uploading to a modem. 
* Embedded AtmelMicro with Ethernet or USB, Rabbit, Gumstix to capture the Mpeg-4 stream. 
* See USB BT878 based Mpeg-4 converter at Mpeg4Compression.
* SerialCameras

Links Edit


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