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Rebooting repeaters Edit

I've seen the same problem. One way I found to fix it was to reboot the repeaters as gateways with an internet connection, once they'd run in gateway mode they went back to being repeaters without further problems. Not exactly practical out in the field!

It was almost like Wiana setting/s had changed which resulted in the repeaters failing to mesh, but once they were able to contact Wianna again they sorted themselves out. BTW, no Wiana setting had been changed - unless there are hidden ones managed by Wiana?

> The questions. > > Hardware you are using. > > Antennas you are using > > Distances between nodes? > > What was the weather like? Thunder storm etc mine hate some weather. > > Why hard reset that usually takes my network down for a few hours? > > How do you reset your nodes? Yes the remote reboot question. > > Do you do on network monitoring beyond Wiana? > > When I hard reset a box I tend to replace it. I have noticed it can take > some time to actually come back on line. It looks like a routing issue. > Sometimes rebooting the entire network is the answer for that. I > keep a hot > spare up and running at all times for those situations.

> ok, i will try to explain as best as i can > first i will refer to each nodes ip as (a) - (b) - (c) etc > (a) - uplink > (b) - repeater > (c) - repeater > (d) - repeater

around 13:00 today (cdt us) i noticed that (b)had not logged in to 

wiana, > neither had (d) and i was working on (c).... i went to (b) site and did a > hard reset-- its on a 180' tower, reset (d) and connected (c) to live > internet connection and re rigesterd and config, then disconnect the > intenet and rebooted (c) as a repeater.. shortly after and till now about > eight or so hours later this is what i get --- (a) works as should - i > can ssh to (a) and ping wiana etc...from (a) i can ssh all three > repeaters and from each i can ping back to (a) but none of the repeaters > will ping out to the net,,(they had been working fine the last month or > so) while iam ssh into any or all of the repeaters they each keep sending > Attempting to connect gateway (a)'s ip ever few seconds, each repeater > has a decent connection to the gateway, right now iam at a loss as to > what is going on... any help would be greatly appricated...

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