gcs Edit

ground control station

Pixhawk IMU Edit

Dual core2 Intel processor $420 board.

500kbit radio Edit Uses Gimballed antenna

Combine this with SerialCameras

Attopilot IMU Edit

$4000 IMU unit from the USA available for export to South-Africa. Clearance takes three months under ITAR regulations.


Commercial IMU's with prices available Edit

Commercial IMU solution from Poland Edit

Between 1000Euro and 1200Euro. Not subject to US ITAR regulations, Poland allows export of UAV systems to South-Africa.

*  links to his site and email
* Sells uav systems

Ryanmechatronics Edit 'Kalman filtered IMU, gyro, acc and magnetom..

Commercial Autopilot from China Edit

* $3000 from China full autopilot system
* Another one for $1000 from China

This is the only system available outside the USA and is not subject to US ITAR regulations. See This is the standard version, later revisions will have Way-point navigation. It can be implemented on the standard version using an ATMEL chip, RadioModems and GPS combination. The desired GPS coordinates are converted using a CPU to the relevant radio PPM or PWM signal and fed into the IMU autopilot unit. Once the desired location has been reached the heli is placed in hover mode automatically by the autopilot. "..XP3.1 standard operate in semi autonomous mode which means that if you center all the sticks, heli hovers autonomously within 1-2 meters at any height, if you move elevator stick, the forward velocity will be proportional to the stick position. The heli will first accelerate to that speed and maintain that speed to cruise until you centered the stick again, the heli decelerate and go into auto hover. for other direction also the same, and you can do combination of them together. If you want to do a turn coordination, just push rudder stick at the same time when the heli is cruising, the autopilot will handle all the coordination for you. The video is shoot in this mode, and with a wireless video monitor from the on heli camera so the heli can have constant cruise and climb rate, when you want to turn, just push the rudder, that's all. The helicopter have a gimbal that is controlled by the XP3.1(optional function) it will compensate the pitch and roll of the helicopter to made the camera stay horizontal. We did some post processing of the video to remove some vibration generated by the camera mount...."

The only other commercial systems are forbidden from being exported to SA by ITAR. These are $15k Carvec, $18k Wepilot and $17K CloudCap.

SA microstrain agents Edit

The unit has a gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer with internal Kalman filtering to present an accurate Euler angle.

* are agents for
* 3DM-GX2-USB-M, 3DM-GX2 inertial measurement unit - R14,918.00

Commercial IMU solutions Edit

*  $3000  Will Export to SA from Netherlands
*   $5000 to $12000 Will export from Australia
*   R15000
* Export to Australia
*  Australia wins outback challenge Export restrictions South Africa, order via Australia
*  $2500  Export to SA ?
*  CATS-IND-UAV - Starts at $2495.00 Will they export to SA or Australia
*  Topilot china $5000 available 2008

UGV - Unmanned ground vehicle Edit

* Edit

Xsens will export to South Africa, USA exports for UAV purposes are hampered by legislation. The US government considers UAVs to be military equipment. When dealing with a US company concerning commercial IMU units, don't say anything about UAV applications. The only way it seems one can obtain UAV systems from the US is to import it via one of their partner countries such as Australia.

Silicon Horizon Edit

HangarUAV Edit

he Pegasus is currently all wood but we have plans to produce a composite version as well. We're working hot and heavy on a flying wing design with EPP wings and a composite fuse to house the electronics and the payload. Should have a version of it available in the next couple of months. Fully autonomous (other than takeoff and landing) with a 12 MP camera for $3100 complete.

* Jimmy
* UAV Systems Engineer
* Hangar 18
* Edit

IMU varies between $5000 and $12000. The company is US based, all international orders are handled through Australia.

Gladiator agents SA Edit


MTC Aero Supplies
   Contact: Tony Moss
   40A Florence Avenue
   Johannesburg/Gauteng 2008
   South Africa
   Telephone:  +27 11-455-1668 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +27 11-455-1668      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
   Fax:               +27 11-455-4405


Atair aerospace Edit

Fuses GPS and barometric sensing with accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer to provide quaternion and Euler angles. The embedded processor resolves sensor fusion and development issues that typically challenge software/hardware teams.

* Presently the best IMU on the market
*  $2500

It seems the Atair provides more features than the microstrain.

australia Edit

Guys hold up, plenty of items like this have gone through the export hoops and are on sale around the world, as this soon will be too. Procerus Technologies : Kestrel Autopilot is a perfect example, a full feature IMU Autopilot that I can buy here in Oz under export control.

Unless your in what the USA lists (as detailed in a previous post) a "bad" country you will be able to buy an Atto once the Dean has met his USA enforced ITAR obligations.

Commercial IMU vendors Edit

* Gyro, magnetometer 
* not imu just acceleration
*  $1000 IMU unit
*  Helps with UAV development.
* GPS ims 
*   Becnav IMU

* RT3002 IMU system
*  - RoboTics
*    3-d gyro like systems
*  Archangel Systems Inc. USA]
*  Navionex Inc. Canada]
* Crossbow Technology] Used in sourceforge project - RateGyro2
* Litef GmbH]
* Germany
* Dutch exports to South Africa - 2000Euro
* Sonardyne Marine Inertial Products
* Gyro stabilized camera
* GyroCompass  from http:/
* Analogue devices .com  temp compensated gyro system

Gyro cameras Edit

*  maybe link not right

Open source Edit

Open source IMU solutions see - RateGyro2

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