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To be very honest, I have bought my PCB, with PIC16F876, fully assembled and tested from, in 435US$ and beside this I purchased pressure sensor moduleBM085 separately from this site only.

Note that if you buy this then make sure that your PCB comes with PIC18F2620 which is the latest microcontroller on which Geg has developed the firware of UAVX.

Ken You is there who deals with buyers. I purchased two GPS modules (1Hz Update Rate: EM406A and 5Hz Update Rate: LS20031 from Sparkfun).

The programmed PIC18F2620 or PIC16F876 from comes with bootloader with the help of which you can reburn the microcontroller "N" number of times without any issue by just connecting the main PCB to the PC using serial cable and running the UAVX GUI utility on the PC.

I am also very good in electronics and in soldering too but even then I took the decision to atleast get the PCB assembled and tested for the first time.

It has lots of SMD components but they can be soldered manually, It's your wish, you can go for the kit option and save apprximate 80 US$ or so.

All software downloads are here: Use only the released firmware and untill unless your UAVX is fully tuned to fly and hover without any issue till then you must not proceed for GPS return to home function.

Forum for the UAVX: Yoy will find lots of my posts there.

I made my own low cost 38cm and 63cm Quadrocopter frames, within 2 US$ each. What you can do is just go to Youtube and search for narpat007, you will find lots of my videos there and many of them are related to Quadrocopter frames and my videos.

Motors I purchased from r2hobbies. com Turborix 750rpm/v DAT-750 RC 800g Plane Outrunner Brushless Motor

These motors are very cheap and very powerfull.

ESC's I purchased from, I used 40Amp ESC's so that they can keep on running cool.

I hope I could resolve your queries, You can proceed with it.

Thanks & Best Regards


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