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Radios Edit You also need a charger and a transmitter, receiver. I honestly suggest paying a tad extra and getting one of the most TX/RX's out there. The Taranis and X8R RX. It's SO worth the 200[ish] as it will grow with you instead of paying 200 for a POS spektrum dx6i 6 channel turnigy 9ch clone

New Lower Price!! Not only has the price dropped from $45 to $35, but shipping is also now a flat rate $8 world-wide! >> > > INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS < < < < This add-on board was designed for the Flysky 2.4Ghz 9-channel radio model number FS-TH9B, commonly referred to as the "9x". It is also sold under various other re-branded model names and numbers, including (but not limited to): Flysky FS-TH9X, Eurgle 2.4Ghz, iMax 9x, and Turnigy 9x... 9ch firmware 9ch opensource transmitter

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*  UFO design

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If the wires are to thin, they will heat up and burn out the electric motor. The motor will become gradually hotter. A fuse in this case won't help because it only triggers on an overcurrent. A thermal measurement device would pick up on this

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