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Flexacopt1 Uses wire rope not for vibration elimination, which is impossible but to create a mechanical low pass filter below 8khz, avoiding the IMU resonant frequency(8khz) and jello waves across camera. See Vibration for details. DJI mounts their IMU on a small block of aluminum. Detailed drawings. Cloned by Pictures

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Zenmuse phantom Edit Hack the rubber isolation setup for camera.

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Hack this patent

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Droidworx AD8, Cinestar, CarbonCore, and SteadiDrone.


  • Use 433mhz for control and 2.4ghz for video , We are using the Scherrer LRS 433mHz RC control system. We’ve had success with up to 3 Scherrer systems together and performance seems solid. Team members should plan to have a LRS system and avoid 2.4G radio control so it can be freed up for video use.parachute deployment

This time we ditched the cheap plastic Estes rocket drogue chute for an 18" Drogue from . The main chute is 60" and is also from The location is the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. We deployed at 1,100 feet AGL (above ground level) or 5,000 feet above sea level.

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Note the clamps for motors he Adams center plate with foldable arms, without any tools allows the easy carrying or stocking of bigger engines in reduced or confined space.Our system welcomes propeller as long as 14" and still allows you to fold the all structure into a smaller ensemble that you can now transport easily in you car.

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recharge station:

BALL type ptz  open


dc-dc regulators 5volt car

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Gprs_and_wifi_streaming 3D printed FPV racer. Safe flying drone with ball frame, enables close flying to humans. Collision tolerant drone. Gimball is the world’s first collision-tolerant flying robot capable of remaining stable after collisions, allowing a robust and easy access to places out of reach of current technologies. Gimball uses obstacles to find its way instead of avoiding them, offering a simple solution to a complex problem. This is achieved without complex and error-prone sense-and-avoid techniques, and answers one of the most important needs in the fast-growing flying robotics market. Gimbal!acro/c1ji5 uses KKmulticopter cpu . Single molded frame . ,