Protect aluminum pipes Edit

The entire irrigation network must be automated with solenoid actuated valves - IrrigationAutomation. Apply a small water pressure via a low voltage motor to irrigation lines that are not in use. The pressure will be proportional to the current through the motor. Measure the small current generated via an AtmelMicro. If the irrigation line is cut and the water comes out there will be a drop in pressure and a rise in the current through the motor triggering an alarm.

Irrometer signal Edit

Modify an analogue TensioMeter to provide a digital signal of the reading. Place a HallsEffectSensor on the tip of the needle of a TensioMeter. As the needle moves across multiple sensors it will activate a signal indicating its position. A 173mhz RadioModems sends the reading back to the base.

Links Edit

* GpsAndGprs
* RadioModems
* MeshNetworking

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