Prevent theft of computers Edit,,3-975_2248990,00.html

"..Daarna het hulle hom en die drie vroue in ’n stoorkamer gaan toesluit en hulle tyd gevat om vier rekenaars uit te dra..."

"...Die verdagtes het vier rekenaars, ses selfone en ’n Hyundai-motor gebuit.."

Solution Edit

Each office computer continuously pings:

* an EmbeddedPc hidden in another room.
* GpsAndGprs modem is connected to the EmbeddedP.
* Every single room should have a panic button and store rooms should have a hidden panic button. 

The GpsAndGprs modem on losing the ping signal from the office computers sends an alert to the base or anybodies cellphone that the Ethernet cables have been cut or that the electric power have been lost via a PowerDetectionCircuit.

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