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PPTP to VPN Edit

Well it works OK here after updating to 25dev102, so I guess the answer is YES. It stripped my asterisk server out though, good job I had backed all the configuration files up. So it was just a matter of reapplying the asterisk module in 'software module manager' on wianna, and then copying the config files back onto the node.

>Does this mean we can now let vpn pass to the outside world, I.e I can >connect back to my office via vpn from a OSS mesh node connection?

>There is a new development release ready for testing. This build should now >correctly handle PPTP to remote (off mesh) vpn servers. > >To download this new release, login to your meshbox via ssh and issue the >following command: > >getandverify tobuild25dev102 > >Initial lab testing with this release has been successful but I welcome >reports from different clients / vpn servers etc. > >Remember when using PPTP that a local personal firewall should allow PPTP >(you >can test this by utilizing a vpn realm user and testing a pptp connection to >the local node before disconnecting and trying a remote pptp server) - Also >your upstream router must be capable of passing pptp vpn traffic for it to >work end to end.

Russell I have had this problem to and from my understanding it is not thatMesh that will not support PPTP but PPTP can not handle the multiple NAT's. I have some clients using Cisco VPN client and one that uses IPSEC "I think, would have to verify the IPSEC" on the standard mesh software. One client is one hop away form the gateway and the other is two hops away. The PPTP gets encapsulated by the NAT and this messes up the return part of the PPTP tunnel. This is an over simplified explanation but to get deeper I would have to dig up my old notes. I would be interested to hear if the pro version resolves this problem some how, please keep us informed.

> I will see what happens if I swap the Gateway and Repeater nodes. > If it's a problem that Build25 doesn't support PPTP then the problem should move to the (new) Gateway, thus eliminating the possibility of it being related to going through a repeater.

> > > * Gateway is running MeshAP Pro (Version: 1798 - Build: 32) > > > * Repeater is running MeshAP Free (Version: 1256 - Build: 25) > > I'm guessing this is your problem. From my experiences trying to run a > > VPN client over the mesh, MeshAP Free doesn't support PPTP, but I've > > heard a rumour that MeshAP Pro does. > > Can you use L2TP? That's supposed to work.


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