Training on multiple DSP Edit

picoChip's training courses allow engineers, scientists, designers and academics to learn about multi-core DSP, software defined radio and current wireless standards. As well as gaining skills and knowledge about how to design with and program the powerful picoArray processors, attendees can choose to learn about the latest developments in WiMAX and WCDMA PHY and MAC implementation. Discounts are available for non-commercial organizations (including Universities and Colleges) and for those booking several places on the same open course.

Will the boards be sold to Wi-Fi community? Edit

Will picochip sell South Africans their boards for us to implement illegal WiMax on 450mhz? - I don't think so. What is the point in being trained on multiple DSP cores if a 1000 orders won't be allowed by Vodacom. FpGa seems to be the only means of implementing LTE and Wimax on illegal frequencies in SA.

PicoChip Wimax training Edit

Software reference design Wimax wave2 Edit

"...PHY software reference designs which are compatible with PC7218 are available under license from picoChip...."

And we can probably assume that Vodacom will bribe Picochip not to license this software to the SA public creating UnlimitedBandwidth

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